Drill Categories

Small games Drills

Small sided games in netball are a fantastic way for you to introduce fun and competitive elements to your trainings. By using these small games, incl...


Side Steps

category: Footwork

Netball Side Steps Footwork Pair your players up, with 1 ball per pair. The player that is the worker receives 3 passes to the left over an increasin...

Passing On The Move - Side Steps

category: Passing

Working in pairs with 1 ball players should pass and move using side-steps along the entire length of the court. Coaching points. Important that the ...

1 V 2 Guarding Ball Side

category: Defence

Netball 1 v 2 Guarding Ball Side Defence Slowly, the two attacking players pass the ball back and forth and the defender should move to the ball side...

Side Plank Pushes

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Side Plank Pushes Injury Prevention Get into a pair One person will be the worker, in the side plank position, and the other will be the push...


Intercepting Passes

Get the opposition playing right into your hands as your defenders dictate their movements


Community Drills

Autosave 5981943

C to WD to WAWA leads out and away on a half clear before driving past GA screen to ballside pocket.

45 Drive & Clear

-45 degree drive, pass back, clear (eyes up), 45 degree opposite side & clear.