Court systems?

Can someone please advise me on where can I locate sound information on court systems?  Thanks.  Wendy

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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

wendy what exactly do you mean by "court systems"?

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Hi Lee-anne

I coach a team of under 13 girls who are very experienced and capable for their age (ie they win every game).  I need to progress them by explaining where they need to be positioned on the court, and by introducing set plays, such as set plays from the centre pass and set plays from a GK throw-in from the base line.  I've looked in several areas but can't locate any of this type of information.  Can you assist please?


Laura PattisonAdministrator, Spain

Have you looked on Youtube, have some good videos.


Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

wendy, set plays are an awesome way of teaching kids to break and correct times, fast passing to an expected location, and moving around the court.  but there is the negative side if they get use to doing these plays then when they become unstuck the kids panic.  so you do need to be careful when teaching to mix it up.  the basic set plays from center pass are C to WA to GS (who has run to a few metres from the goal third line, while the GA is flying into the circle to be greeted with a pass from the GS in front of the goal ring.  this only works if the GK comes out with the GS and you have a very fast GA.  the next play from center pass, is C to GA to WA who has cut across court to the top of the circle (while the GS has come out to fake a pass to open up the circle) and then double back to take the pass from the WA.

i recall a set play when i was growing up. (yes i can remember 25years  its a trick play to end up having the GA in the circle on her own with no defence.  this is how it goes.

center pass.  the WA and GA stand quite close to each other on one side of the court both looking like they are getting ready to break for the center pass.  they both break on the whistle and the WA and GA fake the break and the WA sets up a zone on the GD.  the center passes the ball to the ball backwards to the WD/GD whoever is standing on the opposite side of the court and then the C joins the WA to help zone the GD.  the GS comes out to receive a pass from the WD/GD and the GA is running into the circle to receive a pass from the GS.  once again this only works if the GK likes to come out of the circle.  the GS does need to come very forward to bring the GK as far away from the circle as she can and the WA and C must be able to zone.  this play leaves the opposition stumped as to what just happened.  dont do it too often though or they will work it out and its effectiveness is lost.  but a good one to use to get a quick goal in during finals maybe.

i dont have really good set plays for backline throw ins. just for one of the center players to be on the circle on the side that the pass is being taken and the GD is high in the third on the opposite side to the center.  you then have 3 options to get the pass to.  make sure your WA is no high that the center circle, and the GA is in the goal third.  that way everyone is spread out and ready to break when the ball is coming down.

if you need a diagram of the trick play let me know.  it works really well when executed correctly, but getting the girls to remember to do it is the hard part.

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Wendy, I love set plays.  I have a very talented group of u14 who again win every game and play well and we have six main set plays that we mix up over a period of weeks so opposition can't keep track.  A great back line throw in is%3A

GK passes to the GD outside circle and off to the side.  GK then sprints straight up to the transverse line to receive a hard straight pass back from the GD.  This pass must be received as close to the transverse line as possible.  The WD is placed up towards the attacking end and she then straight drives to the centre circle to receive the pass from the GK.  WA and C provide assistance to the side if needed.  The passes have to be fast and hard and direct otherwise the pass from GD back to GK will be intercepted. 

This is a very direct and fast set play that is missed by many oppositions.  We once did it six times in a row in a final and the opposition still didn't get it (go figure???).  Works every time but I have found that your GK must be a strong player who can pass off very quickly to a very strong WD, C or WA (whichever player is the strongest).  Most GS don't chase a GK out of the circle so this play really opens up the centre third as long as your players stay back and then drive forward.   Good luck and let me know how you go. 

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Hi Laura, Lee-anne and Amanda

Thanks heaps for your suggestions.  They're very much appreciated.

Lee-anne - That play from the centre pass sounds great.  We'll definately gvie it a shot.

Amanda - That set pass from the GK throw-in is just what I'm looking for.  I'd love to hear the other 5 plays.  Any chance of you sharing? %3A)


Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

let me know how it goes.  i taught it to one of my teams but they were never confident enough to use it. they will also need a code word or something as it involves so many of them being on the ball.  you will probably need the GA to help set up the zone until the center can get there, and she will then have to fly into the circle.  good luck.

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