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Im looking for suggestions on set plays and; drills?

Im looking for suggestions on set plays amp; drills for a netball carnival

Archived User Coach

Does anyone have set plays that cover all of the netball?

Does anyone have set plays that cover all of the netball court including side and base line throw ins?

Tracy Downing Coach, Australia

can anyone give me advice on set plays.

can anyone give me advice on set plays.

carrie Fleming Coach, England

Stepping around drills

Does anyone know of a good drill to teach stepping around when passing the ball? I have quite a short player in my team who has trouble getting the ball round her opponents hands. We've been working on faking the pass as an alternative solution.

Archived User Coach

Court strategies - 11s

I have conflicting advice - don't teach too many court strategies ie C to WA to GS to GA from a centre pass as I have been told that it stiffles their thinking. But without this I find they all crowd the space and at 10yrs old it seems very difficult to get them to understand about reading who is already in that space.  Or perhaps I just aren't explaining that concept well??  And also when bringing the ball through the court from a goal line throw in at our GK end - same with strategies for that. Is it okay to say GK I won't you to throw it to GD, then GD to C and so on and this is where your area of the court is and I want you to stay in that area and try and get the ball there?  Keeping the WD on the otherside and making sure she doesn't cross over. Confusing over how much at this age we teach court strategies or perhaps they are know as plays.  Alice P

Sheryl Pascoe Coach, Australia

Court systems?

Can someone please advise me on where can I locate sound information on court systems?  Thanks.  Wendy

Archived User Coach

How do I teach my team to read the play?

I coach a team of U15 girls who vary in their ability. Our play from the baseline throw in is disjointed and the ball is often intercepted as a result. What is the best way to teach the girls to read each others play and operate as a smooth unit?

Danielle Bridgette Schoer Coach, Australia

Lead & Drive drill what happens when you add the 2nd centre?

The lead & drive drill looks good but does not add the 2nd centre which would obviously be standing in front of the GA, with the defence either side effectively blocking the GA off from advancing forward or sideways - any suggestions?

debbie baker Coach, England

Alternative Centre Pass plays to goal ring.

We currently use standard plays, but looking for different movements to make when a centre pass has been made.

Kim McVarnock Coach, Australia

Identifying Problems

I'm a young coach who is coaching an 11A's team. I find it hard to identify/pick up on the problems within their play. How do you identify these problems in order to fix them? And what are some of these problems (like running flat-footed and release hieght of a pass)? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Sarah Kelly Coach, Australia

Channels and spacing

I need a comprehensive drill for coaching channels. It's only a couple of players that don't get it (the centre and the GS/GA) but it is causing real disruption in games and forcing unecessary mistakes.

Siobhan Tarleton Coach, England

What tricks can I teach my kids?

I want to teach my girls clever netball tricks,any ideas?example at the opponent's C pass my C defend their WA and GD+WD keep their GA,any other ideas?Thank you Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Jackie Venter Coach, South Africa

crowding in junior netball

What is the best way to stop crowding in junior netball? Particular drills?

Archived User Coach

Corridors - teaching it at a junior level 9 to 13 yr olds

How do I teach about the corridors at a junior level?

Camille Tippet Coach, Australia

Suggested set plays for youngsters

I like the idea of teaching set plays to stop my girls swarming the ball, but wasn't sure what set plays to use! Are there any on this site or can anyone share their favourite easy ones for 8/9 yo's

J C Coach, Australia

what is a compositional piece in netball

what would you create or arrange eg planned situations

gerda wilson Coach, Northern Ireland

Increasing enthusiasm for 5-8y...

I am coaching a little net set go team (set tier) with ages 5-8. Usually I coach high school girls. A mum of one of the 7 yr olds just messaged me with this: "i was just wondering If you have any tips to help us get Miss S enthused about netball, she isn't enjoying it but wants to "give it more time" (her words)." We only have a half hour training session before we play as no one else will coach but this is the only time I can do training and there are players from another town so this is the best option for everyone. We play a couple of warm up drills/games and practice 1 skill ready for our game. I have covered the basics of passing and footwork so far. None of my team have ever played before, but 4 of them did the net set go - net tier last year. The girl has only played 2 games so far as we have had a bye. So far she has had a go at positions GK, GD, GS, GA, and WA. She is the tallest girl in the team and so tends to get a fair amount of the ball. Any ideas on what to suggest to this mum?

Heidi Hawley Coach, Australia

What to do when a player can't...

Hi I have a player who has recently taken up another sport and cannot attend training at all but can attend the weekend game. We are half way through the season. I am not sure whether its fair to give this player as much game time as the other girls and just wanted to know what other coaches might do in this situation. Thanks

Georgina Nixon Coach, Australia

Participation vs Performance U...

My associate coach and I disagree on whether U/10s should play different positions or focus/settle on one, maybe two. I don't want to put the girls in a box at such a young age but I also don't want a Jack of all Trades situation. They are still developing so much that I feel I'll be doing them a disservice by just putting them in the same position every week. The assistant coach says if we move them around we're not going to do as well but that is where the participation vs performance comes in for me. Surely at this age development is more important than winning?No coach likes to lose but I don't want to win at the expense of them experiencing different positions. What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance! A Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Coach Annie Coach, Australia

Im looking for suggestions on ...

Im looking for suggestions on set plays amp; drills for a netball carnival

Archived User Coach
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I have thoroughly enjoyed using your site to help me with my coaching plans for my under 9's netball team.

Donna Maloy Coach, Australia

I found this service to be excellent and it was of great help when planning my netball training sessions.

Jo Peckover Netball Coach, Australia

Sportplan is fantastic with all the various drills for every area of netball. My confidence as a coach has improved because I have Sportplan to support me.

Julie Lam Australia

Wow what a great website, I have found sportplan an important tool for me when planning my netball sessions with my netball team. There are alot of very helpful tips/ideas/skills that I can learn and teach to my team. Thank you sportplan I hope to continue to use your helpful tips and to learn more about improving my teams netball skills. Thanks again....keep it up....

Monique New Zealand

I have been using Sportplan now for 3 years and can honestly say that I have never repeated the same session twice. My girls are always focused and are improving every year. Thanks Sportplan.

Debbie Cross Australia

What a fantastic tool. The Chalkboard and session tools make an unbelievable difference in making training plans in both time and organization. I will be instructing all of my assistant coaches that this tool must be used for all sessions during the season, so that we may build a club coaching resource library.

Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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