category: Warm-ups

The feeder can pass the ball anywhere. The worker must move at speed to retrieve the ball and return it to the feeder.

Work like this for 10...

Chest Pass On The Move

category: Passing

Players work in pairs with 1 ball.

The feeder stands static and feeds the ball to the worker.

The worker runs towards the feeder to r...

Fight For The Ball (Moving In)

category: Movement

- The attackers start side by side about 4m away from the feeder, facing the feeder.
- They slowly jog backwards together as a pair.
- ...

Intercept And Recover

category: Interception

A feeder and attacker start on a third line, about 5m apart. A defender starts off to the side and behind the attacker.

The feeder does a che...


Developing Core Strength

Develop your player’s core strength, improving their fitness so they can drive for the ball and pass with power!


Community Drills

Catch & Snatch

Address Catch & Snatch with athletes- Have them repeat x10 chest passes using correct catching tecnique

Chest Pass Speed Drill

Players pass ball between them following the structure depicted using precise but fast chest passes. The players aim is to pass down the line and back...

Passing in Pairs

Passing with a partner stand 5 metres apart. Practice throwing:10 chest passes10 right-handed shoulder passes10 left-handed shoulder passes10 lob...

Chest pass game

Then for the game, all the players in the team can move wherever in the game zone, however one player from each of the teams stands in the two end zon...