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Passing, defending, getting fr...

I'm coaching u/10's and have an excellent A team, but the B team have learners who haven't been playing netball so long. Does anyone have one or two basic activities, easy to understand (for them) which I can drill them with for passing, defending and getting free, as well as something for the shooters. They are always all over the place (we do practice channels) and really struggle to get free - they run a bit and then just stop to wait for the ball. Anything, even just some advice would be appreciated! :)

Archived User Coach

What's the best way to teach g...

Whats the best way to teach getting free to link up with Centre on Attack?

Archived User Coach

how can i get free off the cen...

i am having trouble getting free on that center pass off can anyone help

Archived User Coach

Getting free on a center pass ...

Hi Please help me, My Daughter played GS most of the time - last year the coaches played with her on several position in field, This year she plays GA but she seems to be taking to long to come open or she is to fast, and the defenders picks up on her movements and it's position overturned... How can I help her with timing?

Lizelle Erasmus Coach, South Africa

Does anyone have a drill to encourage U11s to come forward for a pass?

Does anyone have a drill to encourage under 11's to come forward for a pass rather than asking for the overhead pass all the time as they are 'running away' from the ball in their haste to get to the circle?

Jacqui Davis Coach, England

doe's anyone now any good getting free tips?

hi guys, im jada i just made it into a rep team but i want to get even better with my movement in the circle, i'am a goal shooter and i'm really tall 5, 10 to be exact i'm also only twelve years old but i want to be unstoppable as a shooter because i hate being second. so could you please help me on anything to do with getting free like dodging or something just some sneaky tricks?? thanks guys regards jada

Archived User Coach

Coming forward and getting free?

I have a player who tends to hang back behind her partner in games, and then tries to move into position to receive a pass. She signals that she is free but doesn't move quickly enough into position so often loses the ball.No matter how many times we work on this at training, when it comes to the actual games she reverts to her standard play but then gets upset when nobody passes to her. She is fast losing confidence as the other players on the team are all moving beyond her level and she is aware of this. Any ideas?

Archived User Coach

Marking drills and getting free

I've just taken over coaching a team of 10/11 year olds in a once a week school netball club. A player myself I havent done much coaching (but this site is fab!). Does anyone have any drills for 1) helping the girls to mark their opponents and 2) how to get free to receive a pass? Thanks

Archived User Coach

Any tips for getting into a space on a backline pass?

I'm a defender and find it really difficult to get into a space when it's a backline pass, any tips??

Elysia Coach, Wales

What are some good game day drills?

What are some drills that you can use on game day? I can't think of some good drills to get the girls eye in?

Archived User Coach

Infront for a pass instead of dropping back.

Whats a good drill to help with coming infront of their partners instead of the immediate thought of dropping back for a pass?

Jordan Mills Coach, New Zealand

Identifying Problems

I'm a young coach who is coaching an 11A's team. I find it hard to identify/pick up on the problems within their play. How do you identify these problems in order to fix them? And what are some of these problems (like running flat-footed and release hieght of a pass)? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Sarah Kelly Coach, Australia

Tips for new WA players

HI EveryoneI recently switched from GK AND GD, to WA. I'm finding it difficult to feed the ball into the circle and having confidence in my passing accuracy. I'm also having trouble on getting free for centre pass, especially when the other team has a really good WD. I've only played WA a couple of times so I'm still learning, but I really don't want to let my team down. Thanks all, for the help!

Ekeesha Rathnayake Coach, Australia

U11 drills

what is the best drill for under 11 div 2 teams. Need help with coaching U11 team for defence and getting free

Mimi Matthey Coach, Australia

Combating Physical Opponents

This season more than ever we are having to stand very physical opponents. Literally like a second skin (years ago it would have been called contact) with sly pushing and contact. At times they are leaning so much that if the goalies don't step back, they will fall over. Others are all elbows. Does anyone have any tactics, drills which we could try?

Stacey Coach, Australia

Getting Free

What techniques can I teach my inexperienced girls to get free?

Leanne Abbott Coach, Australia

Falling your player to get fre...

How to get free in a circle?How to fall your player and get free?

Katie Bluck Coach, England

Double tagging - getting away ...

Hi,My Centre/WA is getting double tagged a lot. What can she do to get away from two players sandwiching her in?Thank you!

Coach, Australia

I'm a fast runner and keep get...

I'm a fast runner and keep getting pulled for footwork as I'm catching the ball whilst running. How can I train myself to jump for the ball?

Archived User Coach

Beating a defender who is bloc...

How do you beat a player that is blocking/face defending an attacker who is finding it hard to get free? Particularly when they are trying to go forward into the space for the ball.

Sheryl Pascoe Coach, Australia
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I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

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