Attacking introduction - Getting Free and Taking on a Defender

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Preliminary moves are movements a player makes to outwit the defender before driving to receive the pass from a team-mate. These attacking moves are what allows an attacker to open up an extra yard of space to get free and receive the ball ahead of their defender,

A player who uses a variety of moves off the ball will keep opponents guessing and will ensure that she is always that half a step ahead in whatever moves she makes.

Rebecca Sanders, Australian Centre, Two-Time Gold Medalist of the Commonwealth Games, World Champion

There's many number of ways to lose your defender - everything from a sprint burst to a sharp change of direction or clever use of body angles - and the videos in this plan look at all of these to ensure that your attackers can get rid of one, or even two defenders, to receive the ball in space. We also put emphasis on the ball carrier to provide the right pass into space, with the correct weight, for the moving player.

Using the prelim drills and conditioned games in this plan will help your attackers to take on the defenders with conviction and without hesitation.

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