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How do you train to get past a zone defence.Kind regardsMadeleine

How do you train to get past a zone defence. Kind regards Madeleine

Archived User Coach

goal keeper

Do you have any tactics for a goal keeper? just so that they can improve. So far they cant quite intercept all balls & judge where the ball is heading. any ideas for improvements?

Archived User Coach

Hi, Need help on how to coach 10yr old girls......

Hi, I am coaching a group of 10yr old girls who majority have never played netball before. Am I better to rotate them in positions or let them get use to the ones that I allocate them too.. Also what are some good drills that I can teach them Defence or Attack... I have taught them the basics of passing, shooting but need help on alot of other drills... We only have training once a week in which I find hard because I believe they need more training days and we only have 2 training sessions to go till the season starts. Could you please give me some helpful ideas to help my girls understand netball and how to play netball without me having to put the pressure on them like as if I was coaching under 16s or something...

Archived User Coach

What's the best way to beat a zone defence

What's the best way to beat a zone defence

Sonia Roberts Coach, Australia

How do you defend a shooter who holds space?

Would like some advice as to how to coach defenders to defend a shooter who holds to protect space?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Archived User Coach

Using stratagies in netball

Hi, i am predominantly a U12yrs coach but i want to transition in to coaching the high school girls. I love all these drills and session plans and have found them very helpful, but i am looking now for information on strategies used in netball eg/strategic positioning of players when changing from attacking to suddenly defending after a turnover, or when should the GA drop back . when to use a zone defence or side-on defence. All these questions that aren't covered by drills. Is there somewhere to get this info or is it just learn as u go. Thank you

Lisa Coach, Australia

Is this type of defending an advantage or disadvantage?

I play school and state netball as a GK/GD, when my other player is defending the GS or GA, I hold on to her defenders leg/hand for an extra lean. Because I'm quite larger and taller than most girls and already have a pretty good lean, when I ask my defender to hold me so that i am closer to deflecting the shot, she uses two of her hands and her body strength to hold me. My coach told me not to do this because she believed I wasn't allowing myself nor my other player to get an intercept or rebound, even though we had gotten most rebounds and had gotten a few intercepts with this technique. Is this an disadvantage or advantage to us?

Archived User Coach

Defender tipping not pulling in and looking down for the 3 feet

I have a defender who always tips the ball out, never tries to catch with 2 hands to gain possession, how do I get her out of this bad habit? The same defender always looks down to ensure she is 3 feet before putting her hands over the ball. This takes only takes a second but normally the attacker has passed the ball before she looks up.

Archived User Coach

Helping 11 year old shooters use the space better in goal area?

My shooters tend to bunch up in the goal area or pass 5-10 times around the goal area to get closer to the goals without success. Do you have any ideas on how to better use footwork in the goal area?

Archived User Coach

GD Staying with GA. Rebounds by Defence & Attack?

How do you get the Goal Defence staying with the Goal Attack, especially when the Goal Attack drops down behind the Goal Defence and gets the ball all the time in the Goal Circle?How do you get the Defence in the Goal Circle to rebound and how do you get the Goal Shooters following their shot and rebound?

Jenny Ryan Coach, Australia

Man Marking Defence

What are the best drills to use for a session on man marking? and in what order so that the session progresses?

Archived User Coach

Is there a drill to benefit goal keeper and goal defence?

I need to strengthen the positioning of my defenders

Richard Butler Coach, Australia

stage 1 defence, how do you perform it?

what is stage one defence? do how do you perform stage one defence? is it easy to set up?

Archived User Coach

Zone Defence / Zoning

Hi,I coach an U17 - Div 2 team, very strong team of girls.I want to introduce zone defence into our play. Can anyone please recommend some drills, or explain how zoning works or any advise or layouts would be great.Thanks!

Bethany Coach, Australia

Sagging defence system

Hi allI’ve heard a lot about sagging defence... so how is this done and why? What progressive plan can you use. Thanks Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

carie williams Coach, Australia

Tips for new centres

Hi Everyone I've been playing defence for a long time now, and only last Saturday did I start to play centre. It was during our warm up on that day, (before our game) when my coach told me that I would be playing centre. I agreed to do it, but the problem was that the other team was a really good and very fit team. I struggled a lot durig the game, and i felt like i was dying the whole time! Also because I had never played centre before I didn't know how to feed the ball into the goal circle. I also don't know how to defend on the goal circle. Also what is the centres main job?Thanks so much for all the help! Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Ekeesha Rathnayake Coach, Australia

Sagging defence system | Sport...

Hi allI’ve heard a lot about sagging defence... so how is this done and why? What progressive plan can you use. Thanks Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

carie williams Coach, Australia

What to ask students about def...

I am planning a Netball session focused on defending for my BTEC. What questions could i ask them about defending?

Shannon Hills Coach, England

Blocking vision during defence...

is it allowed to defend by blocking a players vision by waving hands in front of eyes?

Coach, England

linked defence sessions | Spor...

need help planning 4 linked session plans for my group of girls age 16-18 mixed ability

Archived User Coach
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Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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