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Is there a drill to benefit goal keeper and goal defence?

I need to strengthen the positioning of my defenders

Not knowing the ages, ability, or what exactly is you want to improve, its hard to help here.  Would hate to rattle off info that is not relevant to you.  Would gladly help once i have a better understanding of the problem.

Hi, thanks for responding. The girls are first year cadets (14yrs). After the first training session i can see the defenders are fairly static and I want to get them to think more about their positioning in the D (considering the ball, attacking player and fellow defender movement and position). They have been mid placed graded, but I can see plenty of talent, so keen to avoid confusing them with complex drills for now.

Ok, thats helps.  Firstly i would start by doing some basic one on one defence.  Teaching area defence would certainly confuse them.  I would start with doing lots of footwork drills.  Defenders in particular need to have very quick responsive feet in order to keep up with their player.  So lots of fast feet, zig zag drills as a side to side and forward running drills, peripheral vision drills so they can watch the ball and their opponent at the same time.

If they are first year defenders, i would start with in front defence.  It is harder to contact or come through your player if you are in front.  Once they get the hang of that then move onto side on/behind defence.  Both will need you to ensure they have the correct stance, legs outside hips, arms relaxed beside them, chest up, knees soft, and of course, on the balls of their feet.  Eyes need to be on the ball so they can predict where they expect the ball to be fed into the circle, (and for side-on defence, their body must always stay between their opponent and the goal ring.)  When you move onto side-on defence you must also ensure you teach them to use their outside arm, and come around their opponent using their footwork (not their body) to get to the ball.

At the end of the day where they are in the circle depends on where their opponent is.  Staying with their opponent is the best approach right now.  So if their opponent bunches then so will they, but this will annoy the shooters more than the defenders.

Don't forget to teach good shot defence options.  Jumping (prob not a good idea at the beginning as it requires high skill and excellent timing), stretched out defence with the body side on to the shooter (generally both feet are on the ground) and face front defence generally with the leg sticking out behind like a dancer.  I prefer the side on, as it is more balance, gives a good stretch, allows for a quick block once the ball is released, and good position and body form for rebounding..

you then can move onto rebounding.  Teaching good elevation in lift, strong 2 handed rebound, how to tip to get good position, timing of jump.

There are a heap of drills in here to get you going, or go and talk to other coaches and see what drills have worked for them.  Good luck with your girls, and hope that gives you something to work with.

That's great, thank you for the advice. That has given me a lot to think about and to focus on.

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