Set Play - Attacking Centre

category: Attack

Netball Set Play - Attacking Centre Attack WA starts wide drawing the WD with her. GA also starts wide. The GA drives should time their run in court ...

Backline Stack

category: Set-Plays

Netball Backline Stack Set Plays WD and GD will start in a stacked position, one behind the other with the WD in front The C will start just inside t...

Stack Set-Up

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball Stack Set-Up Centre Pass Set Plays The WA and GA will start in a stacked position, so one player will be on the line (GA in this example) and...

Pop Pass

category: Set-Plays

Netball Pop Pass Set Plays The WA will set up ball side on the side of the ... The GA will set up ball side in the circle - this will keep the GD out...

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Developing Centre Pass Set Plays

Get the ball to your shooters as quickly as possible with this netball set plays session - working on communication, passing accuracy and timing


Community Drills

Half court

Play half court for the rest of the training sessionTry to implement the set plays

Set Play 6 centre pass

- GA & WA start on the transverse line on the side- WA drives forward to receive the pass from C- C drives through the middle to receive the ball ...