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Set play Information?

Hi, I am considering coaching next season and plan to do course etc however am seeking advice on good books/DVDs or similar to outline player positions, set plays etc?

carolyn Coach, Australia

In netball, I've heard it can be a good tack to have?

In netball, I've heard it can be a good tack to have the GD take the backline throw in's as it free's her up for the 2nd or 3rd pass further down the court.Does anyone agree with this thinking!

Archived User Coach

Does anyone have set plays that cover all of the netball?

Does anyone have set plays that cover all of the netball court including side and base line throw ins?

Tracy Downing Coach, Australia

Defending the Throw In

Defending the Throw In. On the weekend, the opposition had a set play (on some occasions but not all the time). GK was throwing in. The GD, WD & C all gathered between the centre and the 1/3rd line, closer to the 1/3rd line. Each of them broke at different times. 1st GD leading left, then WD leding right and C down the middle. This week if they do that again, I think I will not have my GA/WA/C next to the girls, but 4-6 ft in front of them waiting for the leads on the angle to watch the leads and the throw in. Any other suggestions? we play that team again this week!!   

Archived User Coach

How do you train to get past a zone defence.Kind regardsMadeleine

How do you train to get past a zone defence. Kind regards Madeleine

Archived User Coach

What is the best way for players to communicate an?

What is the best way for players to communicate an upcoming set play, be it from the centre pass or the baseline throw in

Archived User Coach

Hi i am new to teaching and im teaching netball to?

Hi i am new to teaching and im teaching netball to year 5. I have never taught this in my life! Please Help! Do you have to teach the full game or do can you play in mini teams eg 4 groups of 6 without using bibs and positiions. I only have 4 weeks to teach it and they are still practising passing and catching skills, can anyone help please?

Archived User Coach

Court systems?

Can someone please advise me on where can I locate sound information on court systems?  Thanks.  Wendy

Archived User Coach

Using stratagies in netball

Hi, i am predominantly a U12yrs coach but i want to transition in to coaching the high school girls. I love all these drills and session plans and have found them very helpful, but i am looking now for information on strategies used in netball eg/strategic positioning of players when changing from attacking to suddenly defending after a turnover, or when should the GA drop back . when to use a zone defence or side-on defence. All these questions that aren't covered by drills. Is there somewhere to get this info or is it just learn as u go. Thank you

Lisa Coach, Australia

Please can some clarify the pass not set rule?

I keep coming across situations of umpires reversing play for "pass not set". Typically where we want to take the pass speedily the ball is laid off, it is then being reversed as the offending player has not been standing by our side and ball given back to the offender. Surely this can not be the correct use of the rule? Some who contacts but then chooses not to set the penalty in time is then given the ball back? I understand it being reversed if the pass is not set from the correct position, but surely not for not waiting for the offender to be by our side!

Jane Husbands Coach, England

Keeping players focused during training?

Hi, How to keep girls of U13 team focussed during training? They are a lovely bunch of girls, but their focus is all over the place. What do you do to keep girls on task?

Coach, Australia

Advice on throw in from defenders circle

My defenders are having a lot of trouble getting the ball in from out of court. 1 issue is the goal keep really struggles with quick decision making autistic) thinking of trying gd throw in instead as we seem to llose the ball every time. Any advice would b appreciated (8-10 yr olds age of team)

Rachel Coach, New Zealand

How to keep training interesting but effective?

My girls are winning almost all of their games and have even moved up a grade. I am now struggling to think of ideas and ways to keep them going. Any Ideas Please????

Nicole Coach, New Zealand

Playing A position - at what age ?!

Just interested to hear other people's comments on when a player should start to concentrate on a position on court. I coach young girls and older girls and am amazed at how some girls get pigeon holed very early on as a shooter or as a centre for example. What do people think!?

Archived User Coach

How to beat Wall Zoning in the Centre

Would like to know a set play in how to beat a wall zone in the centre.

Kerrie taylor Coach, Australia

I need a basic set play for a side line throw in for my WA

hi all, i coach 11 and 12 years olds, what are some good drills to get the C, GA and GS to not crowd each other and for the shooters to know who it front and who is back.

karen harris Coach, Australia

Planning coaching sessions for...

I currently play for and captain a team and often run some training sessions during the summer for my team. There are quite a few things I think we could work on and also things the ladies want to focus on too. Sometimes I think I have had overloaded sessions e.g. too many drills and not enough time to complete them properly and then to have a mini game to put it all in practice at the end. For an hour session, how many drill sessions do you think would be ideal and is it better to focus on say a couple of skills per session?

Anne-Marie Clegg Coach, England

How to beat Wall Zoning in the...

Would like to know a set play in how to beat a wall zone in the centre.

Kerrie taylor Coach, Australia

why is having good muscular en...

what does having good muscular endurance do for you?

Archived User Coach
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I have thoroughly enjoyed using your site to help me with my coaching plans for my under 9's netball team.

Donna Maloy Coach, Australia

I found this service to be excellent and it was of great help when planning my netball training sessions.

Jo Peckover Netball Coach, Australia

Sportplan is fantastic with all the various drills for every area of netball. My confidence as a coach has improved because I have Sportplan to support me.

Julie Lam Australia

Wow what a great website, I have found sportplan an important tool for me when planning my netball sessions with my netball team. There are alot of very helpful tips/ideas/skills that I can learn and teach to my team. Thank you sportplan I hope to continue to use your helpful tips and to learn more about improving my teams netball skills. Thanks again....keep it up....

Monique New Zealand

I have been using Sportplan now for 3 years and can honestly say that I have never repeated the same session twice. My girls are always focused and are improving every year. Thanks Sportplan.

Debbie Cross Australia

What a fantastic tool. The Chalkboard and session tools make an unbelievable difference in making training plans in both time and organization. I will be instructing all of my assistant coaches that this tool must be used for all sessions during the season, so that we may build a club coaching resource library.

Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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