2 Ball Skill Advanced

category: Ball-skills

2 players 2 balls 1 ball should only be bounce passed and the other ball should be chest passed through the air.

Chest To Bounce Pass

category: Passing

2 balls, 2 players face each other. Both players pass the ball straight and at the same time, but one player uses a chest pass and the other a bou...

Follow Your Pass (Zig Zag)

category: Passing

Workers pass the ball to the person at the next cone and then immediately follow it each time.

Once the ball reaches the final cone the fina...

Web Videos

Netball bounce pass drill

This is a great netball drill for working on bounce pass technique. It's most effective when done in pairs, but can be adjusted for different numbers ...

How to bounce pass

This guide shows you How To Bounce Pass Watch This and Other Related films here: ... Subscribe! ...



Community Drills

All-in-one pt2

W then drives out to the side for a bounce pass ball.W then turns and bounce passes ball back to F before turning and sprinting back towards the start...

COBS (10mins)

1. Get into pairs and face each other 3 feet apart.2. Practice chest passes between partners. When the pair does a good throw and catches it then take...


Passing In Groups Of 2 or 3§ Shoulder Pass§ Chest Pass§ Bounce Pass