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Short distance bounce pass as ...

Can a bounce pass from a short distance between two players be penalized for a short pass?

loona Moosa Coach, Maldives

How to defend a bounce pass? |...

How to defend a bounce pass?

Archived User Coach

Passing Problems !!!! | Sportp...

Hi I am a first year coach of a 9 and under team.My girls are struggling with the concept of running to space and receiving a pass on the move while advancing the ball to our attacking third.It seems no matter how hard i try to implement drills for passing at practice, come game day the girls still group together and call for the ball standing still. Any ideas/drills anyone could suggest would be greatly appreciated. Regards Mark

mark roberts Coach, Australia

Players passing is poor | Spor...

Lately my players have been passing to the other team. Their timing is off and their play is way to fast down court.

Aligirl Coach, Australia

Seeking advice on defending - ...

Hi, Would like some advice as to how to defend or intercept bounce passes in the circle.  Thank you.  Anne

Archived User Coach

how to teach under 10 girls to...

how to teach under 10 girls to give bounce pass iduring their netball game....thanks

Archived User Coach

Can youplay ball off post from...

Playing ball off post from back line pass

karen channon Coach, England

Player not catching the ball? ...

I have a player who always turns or steps aside from catching the ball so never catches it, any advice on how to stop this so the catching Improves ?

Kerri Nz Coach, New Zealand

I'm a new coach with 2 players...

I am new to coaching this year and have a couple of girls who struggle to catch the ball despite 3 yrs of playing. One is quite scared and the other does not have good gross motor skills. Any suggestions on drills or games to improve these?

Archived User Coach

Stalking players - passing dow...

One of my players stalks every time she gets the ball, she doesn't have good balance, what drill apart from teaching her to slow down could I use.

Tracy Broe Coach, New Zealand

Fun session to boost moral for...

I would like to do a fun session with my 17 year old as we are at the bottom of the ladder and will not make finals now.

Caroline Woodford Coach, Australia

Is shoulder pass a closed skil...

i am confused about shoulder pass being a closed skill or an open skill.

Ella Coach, England

Ideas to defend an over head p...

My WD has worked hard on getting her placement so when the ball is feeding into the circle, she is keeping her WA away and to the side, generally the WA is fed an overhead ball heading towards the the back corner. The WD knows what pass is coming, and it's placement, she feels confident she could challenge more, so need some drills to practise holding her player, but then moving round her opponent at the last moment to try and go for the ball as well as holding.

Susan Donald Coach, England

Two weak U13 players in my tea...

coaching u13s have 6 good players and 2 that this their first season.For this first half of the season most of their training has been catching and throwing .I find that they are not improving so on game days the other players are reluctant to pass it to them as they either drop the ball or pass it to the opposition.I am struggling to know what to do 

Michelle Thomas Coach, Australia

Help to slow down-Hot Potato! ...

I organise a ladies netball group of varying abilities but mostly beginners. Despite constantly telling them to slow their play down, they are determined to pass the pall on as soon as its in their hands often resulting in sloppy passing. Any suggestions on how to slow the pace down and hopefully, improve their passing?

Michelle L Jempson Coach, Scotland

Rule 13: Playing the ball | Sp...

I am currently going through the rule book with my team to improve their understanding but had some queries from a player that has played at quite a high level in Australia. In particular rule 13.1(v) which states: a player may having batted the ball once, either catch or direct the ball to another player and 13.1(vi) having bounced the ball once, either catch or direct the ball to another player. She disputes this rule and says the ball cannot be bounced or batted under control before catching it as umpires have called it replayed ball. Can someone please clarify as I am using England netball official rule book 2011 edition.

Abimbola Smith Coach, Nigeria

best way to teach defending a ...

best way to teach defending a lob pass. My girls are very short so opposing teams constantly lob.

Lyn Walker Coach, Australia

Does anyone have a drill to encourage U11s to come forward for a pass?

Does anyone have a drill to encourage under 11's to come forward for a pass rather than asking for the overhead pass all the time as they are 'running away' from the ball in their haste to get to the circle?

Jacqui Davis Coach, England

What are the best passes when playing against tall?

What are the best passes when playing against tall players. Beside the bounce pass

Archived User Coach

Any drills to encourage players to move in front of defenders?

My junior squads tend to ask for a ball to be passed to them, even when there is a defender nearby-often resulting in interceptions. I have tried playing bounce pass only games which works really well, just wondered if anyone had any other ideas I could try ?

jill Coach, Wales


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Monique New Zealand

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Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

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Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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