Help with workshop for U11-U13...

Help with workshop for U11-U13...

need help with a workshop/clinic (warm-up ect)

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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

hi. can you be a little more  specific with your question.  to help you we will need to know the age and ability of the people attending, what your goal for the workshop is, the length fo time you have for each area, what your focus area is, and how much space and equipment you have available.

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Hi Le-anne, i myself play netball but this is the first for me.  A school asked me to give a workshop. ages under 11 - under 13 girls. Premises at the school 2 courts, maximum of 30 kiddies and minimum of 2 hours.  Just need some guidelines for instants: warmup, ball skills, footwork, then helping them on the court while playing.  Also thought maybe diffirent stations: skipping, ladder, cones ect.  your help will be much appreciated.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

assuming you have assistance with other coaches, i would prob start up a game of tiggy (using bibs in the back of their shorts.  once tagged they join the tagging team).  this is a good game as they can only get caught by having their bib removed not just by being tagged.  awesoen footwork game. good for 10mins.

then do some dynamic stretching with them all standing on the sideline. giant hopping, lunges, giant jumping, crab steps, grapevine, that type of thing.  10mins

ball passing skills.  but everytime someone drops the ball, the entire group runs to the end of the court.  or you could say they have to do 30 passes first to finish without dropping it doesnt have to do situps/pushups ect.  work on technique of the pass.  include bounce pass making sure they are stepping into the pass that it is passing across the body, that the shoulder pass is done correctly and with power, that chest passes are done with elbows in ect. 30mins

circuit time.  ladders are awesome paricularly if you have to pass it while doing the footwork drill.  use both the forward and sideways footwork drills drills. skipping stations (if you have a big skipping rope that is held by 2 people this is awesome too as you can add ball passes while they are jumping).  if you know the game elastics you can have a station for that.  awesome for getting them on their toes.  burpee station.  shooting station with dots to try and shoot from.  5 shots from each dot.  each dot worth a particular amount of points.  have someone scoring.  also make sure they are using a correct shooting technique. preliminary moves station.  teaching them how to get away from their player using their preliminary moves (dodge, double dodge, spins, driving ect) defence station.  teaching them to mirror their opponant using front to front and back to front defence and the footwork needed.

obviously you wont be able to use all of these in circuit, but pick and choose what works for you and your kids. 1hr

game time.  30mis

cool down. (slow jog up the courts staying as a team.  then walk back.  lunges to the tranverse line, walk back, open shut gate to the transvers walk back, walking on their toes to the tranverse line walk back.  something like that  10mins

hope that gives you some ideas.  you will need to add some instruction time to that to explain your expecttions and the drill.

Netball CoachCoach

Thank you very very much, that was all I needed.  I am so chuffed that someone from Australia helped me!!!!!! I'm soooo proud and excited now!!!!!

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

hope it all goes well for you and the kids get something from it.  showing them your obvious love for the sport is addictive.  good luck and have fun.

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