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What drills could I use to improve my teams back line?

What drills could I use to improve my teams back line passes?

Archived User Coach

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly?

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly so that the opposition's defenders cannot intercept our passes.

MC Coach, New Zealand

How do we get taller girls to jump?

How do we get taller girls to jump?

Eddie Janmaat Coach, Australia

Backline pass sequences

 Can anyone suggest several backilne pass sequences to get the ball effectively to the centre third. This is for 10 year olds.

Archived User Coach

Court systems?

Can someone please advise me on where can I locate sound information on court systems?  Thanks.  Wendy

Archived User Coach

How do I teach my team to read the play?

I coach a team of U15 girls who vary in their ability. Our play from the baseline throw in is disjointed and the ball is often intercepted as a result. What is the best way to teach the girls to read each others play and operate as a smooth unit?

Danielle Bridgette Schoer Coach, Australia

Help with workshop for U11-U13...

need help with a workshop/clinic (warm-up ect)

Archived User Coach

Contact ruling and short passes.

Now please correct me if Im wrong, but I played a game of netball today, and there was so much contact and obstruction that was not being picked up. Both teams were complaining about it, and when we asked the umpire why none of it was being picked up, she replied, that its only contact if you have complete possession of the ball. So basically if you do not have the ball you can push your player out the way and that isn't contact (by this state umpire....apparently) we were absolutely floored and were having a huge laugh at this. Is this what netball is coming to? I have never heard this before and would love for some opinions if i have completely got contact and obstruction wrong. Secondly, I have recently taught my U11s shooters to pass around the goal post for a back line throw in. My question is, what constitutes a short pass in this instance, as they apparently (I was on the opposite side of the court) didn't have much between their hands when they passed, but didn't get called and the umpire was right there. GF is this weekend and would hate for them to do it and get called, so just wanted to get some clarification from some of the umpiring gurus on here.

Lee-annes Netball Coach, Australia

Where should GS stand during oppositions Centre Pass?

I was watching the silver ferns game last night & noticed the GS stands right up on the line when the opposing team is having their centre pass. Just wondering opinions on that, do you think its to put pressure on WD/GD if the centre passes back, or I guess she is there if there is any mistake made (loose ball possibility). I am just wondering if I try this with my 10/11 year olds. My GS wants more work to do!!!

Rachel Coach, New Zealand

mrn can you pliz help me with this question,

Describe the appropriate trainning programmes for physical fitness improvements in netball

Archived User Coach

Hunger for the ball!! Killer Instinct

HI,I would like some ideas on how I can get my under 12's representative team hungry for the ball? They need to become more aggressive without being bitchy if you know what I mean.Thanks Leah

Archived User Coach

U10's making space and passing the ball early?

Hello all, I have been coaching my u10's currently for 2 years now. They are a fabulous little team i.e. gs holds and defence box out etc however we are never winning games! They are currently playing up a year and after sitting back and watching what is going wrong I had noticed they all seem to be in one area so no-one can drive into a space to receive a direct fast ball. When this occasionally does happen the ball is not released fast enough and consequently intercepted! I was wondering if anyone has an tips on space, driving into space, and early passes! This team could be amazing if we sort this is out! Please help!!!!!!!!!

Mia Kersey Coach, England

Drills for channels

I'm having trouble getting my girls to stay on there side, even after a few drills it's not sinking in Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Kerrie little Coach, Australia

Stepping on transverse lines

Good day. I would like some clarity regarding transverse lines. Are players allowed or how far are players allowed to step on or stand on transverse lines during play or at goal circles and at centre passes. Please some controversy regarding this rule.

Rene October Coach, South Africa

what is a compositional piece in netball

what would you create or arrange eg planned situations

gerda wilson Coach, Northern Ireland

Goal Defence defending shooter tips

Hello - i am looking for a few GD tips on the best way to defend a shooter that receives the ball a couple of ways as i always struggle to get around them when they do these moves! First way is that the shooter lunges out very wide (practically doing the splits) to receive the ball from the feeder on the circle edge and steps back closer to the net with the foot that is closest. I can defend her getting close to the net, but then she turns to the feeder and jumps and splits - thus always ending up close to the net. The second way is when the shooter stays quite stationery under the net, a couple of foot off the back line and holds her space there. she receives the ball by a large over head pass, so she steps back slightly on one leg to receive the ball from the feeder. what would be the best way to defend all the large overhead long passes to her, or draw her out? any help or some ideas i can try would be great! thank you :-)

paula xox Coach, England

Attacking backline pass off th...

HiCan a shooter rebound the ball( from a backline throw in) off the post and jump onto court, catch the ball from the post rebound and then shoot? It seems crazy to me but I have been told that this is now allowed?

Sue Kersey Coach, England

Can youplay ball off post from...

Playing ball off post from back line pass

karen channon Coach, England

Where should I position player...

Where should I position players on the court for a throw-in from the backline?

Archived User Coach

How do I stop my players from ...

Hi I coach a great team of under 9s and when we do a driving drill we start with "pitter patter feet" (like a very fast low jog on spot) then when i say GO they drive forward. However a lot of them step back with their foot then drive forward. Any tricks out there to get just going forward? Is it just the foot they start on like the strong foot? Or something else?

Cheryl Hogan Coach, Australia
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