Netball Drill Demonstration


5+ players, 1 ball, half court space.

1. One player sets up near baseline as the feeder with the ball.

2. All other players (workers) set up near third line behinf eachother.

3. Workers drive forward and receive a pass from the feeder, they pass back, peel to the right and join the back of the line. 

Progression 1: Players alternate the side they peel out to. 

Progression 2: Working players peel out as they were but then cut back into the midline to receive another pass. Worker passes back to the feeder.

Progression 3: Two workers drive out together. One will get a pass from the feeder. They will then peel out and drive towards the midline to recieve a long pass.

Progression 4: As with progression 3 but with one defender in the mix. 

Progression 5: Backline pass. One worker to fake a drive. Another to pop out to recive a pass from feeder at backline. Another worker to drive foward and recieve pass to the finish with the first fake driver recieving a pass over the halfway line. 

Coaching points

You may choose to set players up in positions for the final progression e.g. GK backline, GD first drive, WD second driver, C as third driver. 

Players need to keep driving strong on to the ball throughout all progressions. 

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