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Does anyone have a drill to encourage U11s to come forward for a pass?

Does anyone have a drill to encourage under 11's to come forward for a pass rather than asking for the overhead pass all the time as they are 'running away' from the ball in their haste to get to the circle?

Jacqui Davis Coach, England

hi i jut started playing GK for a local netball team?

hi i jut started playing GK for a local netball team and i am struggling abit, im not sure on what i can and cant do, ie jumping and waving my arms etc plz help

Archived User Coach

I am doing my Level 2 coaching and having problems?

I am doing my Netball Level 2 coaching and having problems linking 4 sessions, Can anyone give me guideline?

Joanne Heasley Coach, Northern Ireland

Does anyone have any good drills for defending an over?

Does anyone have any good drills for defending an over head feed into the circle?

Archived User Coach


My GD was do face marking in a game and doing a fantastic job at blocking the GA entering the circle and not being able to shake her off, the umpire for the other team repeatedly called her for intimidation.To me it did not appear to be intimidation and the player herself umpires and sees this in many of the high level games. She is not pushing, no arms are used in fact it is the other players pushing into her. Is this intimidation I thought that was a pretty tough call. What constitutes as intimidation?

Archived User Coach

Ideas for improving focus and calming our defenders?

My defenders often loose focus and try to concentrate on too much. They watch the ball, their player, where the post is, our player, there wings, put up wrong arms, run past player etc. Our drills are spot on, and training is generally very good, but when we get into a game they loose confidence, panic and and look like they are being turned inside out. They are 15/un Open.

Archived User Coach

How do I stop face marking..?

Help... I am new to coaching netball albeit have played for years. My experience in playing comes from being an attacker so trying to work with my defence, is proving tricky. The issue I have is that both my GD and GK face mark. I have tried numerous drills in training however as soon as they get in to a match, they revert back to face marking. When the ball is coming down the court, I encourage them to stay on their toes, side marking and moving in front and round the back however when the GA or the GS moves out, the face marking starts. We have had balls bounce of the backs of heads and all sorts. Does anyone have any tips?  Di

Diane Coach, England

Can you have arms raised while waiting for rebound?

Can a shooter or defender stand under the goal ring with arms raised waiting for shot to be taken if they are within 3 feet of opposition player. They are not defending the player taking the shot. eg: GA was taking shot, GD was defending the shot. GS was standing directly in front of GK with her arms raised waiting to see if shot was to be rebounded.

Liz Papworth Coach, Australia

What are the main defending skills in netball?

I need to know the defending skills, to make it easy on how to defense the attacker

Archived User Coach

Obstruction in the Circle

Tonight we played a team where the GD stood right in front of the GS or GA. He had his back to the shooter(with the ball), he didn't put up an arm but he stood so close (without touching) that the shooter couldn't get any leverage with her shot. If the shooter stepped back he shuffled with her. The umpires didn't pull it up at all. Is this allowed or do they have to be three feet away? Any feedback would be much appreciated, I would just like to know if this is allowed or is it obstruction? Thanks

Lizzie Walsh Coach, New Zealand

Staying away from person

Do you have to stay 3 feet away from the person you are guarding???Let's say you are a Goal defense and you have a goal attacker,do you have to stay 3 feet away or can you be close to them to guard.

Peyton Bowers Coach, United States of America


should you face the ball or the attacker when defending?

Judina McCluskey Coach, England

Obstruction rules

Is it obstruction if the defending player is standing next to the person in possession of the ball with their arms down ie. not attempting to defend or intercept the ball whilst mid-court? There is a lot of mixed messaging from umpires around this rule, particularly if it occurs within goals with some umpires saying as long as you're not putting your hands up to defend the ball or standing in front of them then it is not obstruction to then being called obstruction in instances decribed above.

Nicole Coach, Australia

What to ask students about def...

I am planning a Netball session focused on defending for my BTEC. What questions could i ask them about defending?

Shannon Hills Coach, England

Is this type of defending an a...

I play school and state netball as a GK/GD, when my other player is defending the GS or GA, I hold on to her defenders leg/hand for an extra lean. Because I'm quite larger and taller than most girls and already have a pretty good lean, when I ask my defender to hold me so that i am closer to deflecting the shot, she uses two of her hands and her body strength to hold me. My coach told me not to do this because she believed I wasn't allowing myself nor my other player to get an intercept or rebound, even though we had gotten most rebounds and had gotten a few intercepts with this technique. Is this an disadvantage or advantage to us?

Archived User Coach

Defending the shot when a shoo...

When a shooter lands and then steps in to shoot, lifting grounded foot, do GK/GD have to have already been 3ft from grounded foot, or can you come in after the 'step in' and defend the shot, as long as you're 3ft from the grounded foot?? I think I'm allowed to come in later but kept getting pulled up for it tonight. I'm sure having to be there first with hands up before said step in, is an old rule...

Archived User Coach

Defending a short shooter | Sp...

I am going to be playing against a short shooter in the next 2 games (I'm about 7inches taller than her) and I want to do some drills that will help me with defending the drop ball and low balls into the circle. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks, Siobhan

Siobhan Tarleton Coach, England

Defending tall goal shooter | ...

How can I teach my players to defend against a very tall goal shooter?

Lilly Moore Coach, Australia

Seeking advice on defending - ...

Hi, Would like some advice as to how to defend or intercept bounce passes in the circle.  Thank you.  Anne

Archived User Coach

Defending a shooter who steps ...

I need some clarification please. In the goal circle if GS steps in towards the goal post and lifts her grounded foot, where does the defender defend from if the shooter stepped in before the defender lifted her arms? Is the 3ft from where her grounded foot was or where she stepped in to?

Archived User Coach
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