Defending Principle: Developing the 1m mark to apply maximum pressure on the ball

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Limit the attacking options for the opposition by developing the 1m mark apply maximum pressure. With pressure comes errors and opportunities to intercept, therefore it's important to illustrate the importance to your defenders.

What?s in the Session?

Start the session with a defence movement warm up to get players physically prepared before moving onto the skills development section. The session progresses from unopposed physical training to improve jumping and blocking movements and then adds in attackers to practice reducing their passing options. The session then develop players marking ability within a game specific situation, where tight marking is rewarded with interceptions and/or reducing the passing options, resulting in points for the team. The final conditioned game develop the team possession game whilst testing the defensive marking and pressure.

Keeping pressure on the opposition when out of possession and setting up to make an interception is vital to getting a turn over to mount attacks upon.

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