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My U14's could not get free on a Goal line throw in?

My U14's could not get free on a Goal line throw in. I need practices for Goal Defenders (GD), wing defenders (WD) to get free to receive a pass from the goal Keeper (GK). With the second pass to the centre (C) or back to the GK. Thank you Angie. - submitted by email

Sportplan Team Coach, United Kingdom

What are some good defence drills for WD and GD when?

What are some good defence drills for WD and GD when defending the opponents centre pass

Archived User Coach

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly?

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly so that the opposition's defenders cannot intercept our passes.

MC Coach, New Zealand

Double tagging - getting away from two players

Hi,My Centre/WA is getting double tagged a lot. What can she do to get away from two players sandwiching her in?Thank you!

Coach, Australia

Identifying Problems

I'm a young coach who is coaching an 11A's team. I find it hard to identify/pick up on the problems within their play. How do you identify these problems in order to fix them? And what are some of these problems (like running flat-footed and release hieght of a pass)? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Sarah Kelly Coach, Australia

crowding in junior netball

What is the best way to stop crowding in junior netball? Particular drills?

Archived User Coach

Suggested set plays for youngsters

I like the idea of teaching set plays to stop my girls swarming the ball, but wasn't sure what set plays to use! Are there any on this site or can anyone share their favourite easy ones for 8/9 yo's

J C Coach, Australia

Caretaker Role and I am so scared my team wont win the trophy

Our School netball coach resigned last night. I am an assistant coach for soccer, coach for volleyball, assistant coach for basketball and now will be a caretaker for our netball team due to play finals tomorrow. What drills and tactics can I use today at training to prepare them for a school tournament finals tomorrow?I need your prompt assistance please

Simeon Coach, Namibia

Where GA,WA,WD & GD allowed wh...

I am Father coaching my Daughters Netball Team & I wanted to use a different set up when Taking the Centre Pass to Start ,so I need to know where the GA,WA,WD & GD are allowed to stand when a Centre pass is being taken?DO they need to stand at the line as normal or can I change it up a bit?-Say one player up at line in the very centre of line and one player standing or running around behind in the centre of their Third?? Any help with this idea would be greatly appreciated...& thanks in advance

Mick Coach, Australia

Alternative Centre Pass plays ...

We currently use standard plays, but looking for different movements to make when a centre pass has been made.

Kim McVarnock Coach, Australia

Where should a defending (oppo...

Ask a question and have it answered by Coaches from around the world and Sportplan's team of Experts.

Archived User Coach

Drills for channels | Sportpla...

I'm having trouble getting my girls to stay on there side, even after a few drills it's not sinking in Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Kerrie little Coach, Australia

Offside question - centre pass...

I am an umpire as well as a player, and I had a situation a few weeks ago that challenged my knowledge. On a centre pass. Referring to the third lines. Do the third lines form part of the centre court or are they part of the goal third. In other words at what point would GA,GD,WA and WD become off side? If their foot/feet were on the line? Same for the Centre, would she be off side if her foot/feet were on the line?

Maria Massey Coach, England

Basic attacking strategy for 1...

Help, dad thrown in the deep end - what basic attacking strategies do you use for 11 years olds? They have great skill and have played since they were 5 years old, but still run around like headless chickens, everyone calling for the ball and getting in each other's way. Is there a method to this madness I can teach? Some teams look like they know who is going to pass to who and the ball gets from one end to the other fluidly. Impart your netball wisdom on me, oh great netball coaches! Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Kiwi Coach, New Zealand

Rules question: Breaking on a ...

When going for the centre pass, as a WA I was taught to lose your player behind the transverse line then sprint to the line and as long as I was in the air (over the transverse line) and not grounded in the centre third when the whistle blew, I was not breaking... This used to work brilliantly and gave me a head start on my defender. However now it seems that just being in the air when the whistle is blown is considered breaking from the umpires point of view .......can someone please clarify the ruling on this?? Thanks

Archived User Coach

What is the best position for ...

What is the best position for the GA and WA to stand in to increase chance of recieving centre pass and to facilitate the flow of the game?

Archived User Coach

offside at a centre pass | Spo...

Need some help on a dispute on a decision I made during a match I was umpiring recently.A player was tying her shoe laces in my half of the court. A goal had been scored in the half I was umpiring. Centre stepped in the centre circle whilst this player was still attending to her shoe lace. So in affect she had not got herself on side and then gone off side she just did not get on side.I blew the whistle to start play as the centre was ready. As the player who was in my half and was off side, I blew for offside.Can I have clarification on this please, was I correct, or should the other umpire have called this offside even though the player was in my half?Secondly, a reputable umpire told me a couple of months ago, that the umpire blowing the whistle to start the game at a centre pass, controls both sides for off side? I.e. All players that go offside at the centre pass, to the left and right of the centre circle. I was not suite about this so need clarification on that too.Thanks in anticipation.

Maria Massey Coach, England

I was teaching my girls centre...

I was teaching my girls centre pass defence. One of the mums said that the attacking WA and GA will never let our GD and WD on the out side of them. Is this true? if so why. thanx Kutz

Archived User Coach

Best position to leave vacant ...

Just wondering what is the best position to leave vacant if only 6 girls can attend a game. It's u11's with 2 brand new players & we are getting beaten by large margins & it's one of our seasoned players that will be off Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Archived User Coach


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