13/u struggle to score of a centre pass

13/u struggle to score of a centre pass

Please help I am the coach of 9 13/u girls. We currently playing in Blegue but we are struggling. I sit and watch how other teams play they look like well oiled machines with every girl knowing her place and what to do, in comparison our girls look"messy" they still crowd the ball running in to the person who's got the ball. At times when they do spread it they tend to "hug" the boundary lines staying within 2 m of it. They rely on overhead passes a lot . Or very short passes around 2-3m apart. And our biggest struggle is to score of our own centre passes. We just don't seem to be able to get the ball across the line. Please help

Maritha van DeventerCoach, Australia
Netball CoachCoach

Never forget that using your GD/WD off a centre pass allows immediate court awareness as these players are already facing the attacking end and can usually see a quick open pass if used off a centre pass.

One simple way to get free is for the WA to start slightly wider and take two/three steps in to the centre court, then quickly cutting behind their player into the middle of the court, in front of the C to receive the centre pass.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

sounds like you need to go back to basics. ban over head passes until their shoulder passes are strong and they are confident at passing for longer distances. you can try saying you are going to count the number of shoulder passes and for everyone you do they will get that many minutes of some fun game they like.

work on getting free/preliminary moves with them. unless they are free they are not going to get the ball. teach them 3-4 that will get them out of trouble. also say the person who uses the most prelim moves will receive X at training.

work on spreading out, and teaching them where they need to be running to open up the court. lots of drills about cutting and passing, and basic set plays to get them started. they need to know where it is they should be going and why, so they can adapt this to a game situation. lots of half court games, and constantly stopping and resetting to get them to know where they need to be. this should be done without defence if you are doing attack drills or without the attacks if doing backline throw ins.

hope some of this helps.

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