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What is the best way to teach a new girl how to shoot?

What is the best way to teach a new girl how to shoot a goal? Is it 2 handed with ball above the head and arms stretched up?

Archived User Coach

Drills to improve shooting! ie the actual shot itself.

Drills to improve shooting! ie the actual shot itself. Our shooter is brillant at getting in crazy long shots... but not consistantly. any tips?

Archived User Coach

help i have a 1 handed shooter

"help, 1 handed shooter". i need advise on what to do with my GA, i have just started coaching U13's and have found that my GA shoots 1 handed from the shoulder all the time and she is very stubborn when i try to tell her she needs to practise shooting from above her head because the defence players are tall and put there hand over the ball stopping her from shooting all the time. help! what can i do.

niki Coach, Australia

adjust from chest to high shooting stance

9yr old accurate shooter with 95% shooting stats shoots from chest. team has been upgraded to play 12yr olds so she needs to learn higher shooting stance as def too tall, but she is having difficulty with this and fast loosing  confidence.  should i pull her from shooting for awhile as she learns, what do you suggest

Coach, England

senior netball shooting drill

Hi, I am after a senior netball shooting drill for training which includes 2-3 goalies to improve there shooting accuracy. Please involve running for punishment.

Archived User Coach

Shooting partners screening in the goal circle?

Hi, Wondering if any one can clarify the ruling for shooting partners screening in the goal circle? Our GA has screened effectively so far this season but was pulled by the umpire today when screening the GS? She hadn't contacted either defender, and was at 90cm distance, so we were left a little confused?? Is there a set distance they need to be away from their shooting partner?? She was told she was too close and a penalty pass given to the defender. Advice greatly appreciated %3A)

Nicola White Coach, Australia

Motivating my daughter to give her a shooting advantage?

I'm Elena from Fiji and I'm 48 years of age,I'm playing in the premier netball and my daughter playing for school and club games with me.I would love to teach my daughter about shooting because she likes shooting, the movement, the double pass,throw in,in and out in the circle. She is playing wd now.I know she is a good shooter if I teach her and some of her mates.How do I motivate her to do her best in the court?

Archived User Coach

Shooting set up drills and movement in the circle

I need shooting drills for around the circle to help my team on weekends. I don't want drills that have nothing to do with moving the ball around the circle and shooting. I want shooting set ups for game day please.

Archived User Coach

My goal shooters have lost their mojo after our rand final.

they are shooting from too far away and are missing a lot of goals Do I take them back to basics? they are 12 year old girls. We lost the grand final by 3 goals and there has been a team change for the Spring season.

Christine Stephen Coach, Australia

I am a shooter and I have a tall opponent

I am a shooter and I have a tall opponent defending me when I shoot, what other techniques can i use if I have a problem getting the ball into the goal

Archived User Coach

How do I get over my mental rut and self doubt when shooting?

Two months ago I started playing netball again after having my baby. Pre baby I was a good goaler, always got my shots in no matter where I was in the circle. First few games back I did okay with my movement and my shooting was pretty good considering also.Then one game I was really off with my shots, ever since then every single time i play, I over think and doubt my shooting. As a result I miss the ring completley and therefore fall more into this mental block.How do I get over this and get my ‘flow’ back? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Skyler Coach, Australia

shooting technique developing exercise

what are the netball shooting technique developing exercise and drill ?

Anusha Coach, Sri Lanka

What is the best technique to shoot perfectly?

I am asking this question because every time I do netball everyone in my team always expect me to have an perfect shoot but I always miss just because I am good basketball that doesn't mean I am good at netball

ayomide mokolade Coach, England

confidence with shooting

I coach a player who practices shooting basically every day but cannot get them in when she is playing. The problem isn't to do with her technique but rather her confidence in her abilities is lacking. How can I build her confidence?

Maggie Mae Harper Coach, Australia

Long Range Shooting over a Defender

I'm a short GA (5'3) and I can shoot decently from mid range and short range (although mid range is where I prefer shooting from). I'd like to get better at long range shooting, but I'm not really sure how. I can get in long goals sometimes when I'm practicing at the post but during training with a defender (who is tall), it is a very hard task. During matches, it's closer to impossible, although I've gotten the occasional long goal in because the defender decided to stand for a rebound instead of marking haha. But I'd like to be able to get these goals in consistently [over a defender] – not just because it was a lucky shot. Any tips on how? It'd be appreciated.

Niki Coach, England

goal shooting

how can I improve my goal accuracy

Wilmari Knouwds Coach, South Africa

When shooting can you jump of ...

When shooting, can you jump so both feet leave the ground? Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Sammie Sawley Coach, England

adjust from chest to high shoo...

9yr old accurate shooter with 95% shooting stats shoots from chest. team has been upgraded to play 12yr olds so she needs to learn higher shooting stance as def too tall, but she is having difficulty with this and fast loosing  confidence.  should i pull her from shooting for awhile as she learns, what do you suggest

Coach, England

Shooting challenge to do at ho...

My 3 shooters are having a bit of a case of the yips. Although they do practice at home I am looking at a challenge each of them could do in their own time during the week & then compare results at the end of the week. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Rachel Rehu Coach, New Zealand

Shooting options on tall goal ...

How can GS and GA help each other in circle when defenders are tall, intimidating and high contact (ie putting hand on ball when setting up to shoot, putting hand over face). Can GA stand between GS and GK to give GS a clearer shot?

DYC Netball Coach, Australia
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