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Dominant circle play Session Thumbnail
Dominant circle play

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Maintaining shooting accuracy under pressure Session Thumbnail
Maintaining shooting accuracy under pressure

The best attackers aren?t only the best at shooting, their movement off the defenders to create space is exceptional. Develop players who can find the space and then finish under pressure every time.

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Coaching points

  1. If the ball is not higher than the ring - you will not score.
  2. Modern post rings are made of material where if the ball touches the ring the ball is likely to bounce away. The older metal rings were very forgiving and if the ball made contact it was more likely to drop in than bounce off. SO FLIGHT is very important. We want the ball to swish through the net.
  3. To get the flight right we have to hold the ball correctly and flick with our fingers.
  4. The hand should finish at right angle with the wrist.

The stance.

  1. Feet - even and width of hips. The heels should not come of the floor untill the shooter is in the rising position.
  2. Arms should be extended above the head( not projected in front of the head)
  3. Arm should be flexed from the ELBOW- do not bring the whole arm down or drop the shoulder.
  4. Controlling hand should be under the ball with free hand balancing side of ball.
  5. Last finger to say goodbye to the ball should be the middle finger i.e. not the thumb or small finger. This will affect the direction of the ball.

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