Developing Circle Rotation whilst Maintaining Shooting Accuracy

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In this session, we look at improving your team's shooting ability, developing circle rotation and holding the opposition's defence in the circle. We take your players through a series of fun but challenging practices, working on maintaining their shooting accuracy and improving it, so they'll never miss a chance again!

By working together as a team, ensure that your team are creating space for their team-mates, maintaining possession of the ball and working towards creating a goal-scoring opportunity. With this session, improve your player's shooting technique so they can perform to the highest level on the court, throughout the entire game.

What's in the session?

Start off with a high-tempo warm-up, to make sure your players are fully prepared for the session ahead, so they can prevent the risk of injury and remain focused. We then go into working on your player's shooting technique, giving you the best chance of seeing where their current ability is already at. Make sure you go through the key coaching points of shooting, such as the height and the flick, so you can fine tune your player's technique through these drills.

Continue with a series of fun and challenging drills to get your players thinking of moving into space, their shooting accuracy and maintaining possession of the ball. Finish off with a fun 7 v 7 match to see your players' newly tuned skills in action!

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