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Shooting set up drills and movement in the circle

I need shooting drills for around the circle to help my team on weekends. I don't want drills that have nothing to do with moving the ball around the circle and shooting. I want shooting set ups for game day please.

there is a drill to teach triangles in the circle (can be used anywhere in reality though).  put a cone near the goal post one on the baseline where it intercepts the circle and one near the top of the circle.  GA and GS are on 2 of the cones along base line, and a feeder on the outside.  the worker on the cone furthest from the goal post drives to the top of the circle where they receive a pass from the feeder, the the player under the goal drives along the base line to the cone near the outside of the circle and receives a pass from their other player who then drives to the cone under the goal and receives the next pass and shoots.  this drill also can be done with just the 2 players in the circle.

the most important thing to teach your shooters, is to not stop moving when they are not in the right position,  move to the edges of the circle to then drive back in for a better position.  there are other drills like teaching how to defend for a lob, a pass i call "peak a boo" where the GS/GA who is attempting to shoot drops a pass to the other shooter who has suddenly stepped to the side to take the short pass.  split landings, turn pass split passes.  all of these skills can be used to get the ball closer to the goal but you cant just use one all the time or the defence will then learn to expect it and adjust their defence accordingly.

hope that helps.

The triangle drill as Leanne has described is good for teaching goalies to work together and feed off each others movements.  Goalies have to continually move to create space for themselves and each other with eyes up to where the ball is rather than turning away from it.  Goalie at the back has to react to what the goalie out front is doing as the goalie out front can't see what is going on behind.  This is helpful if you have a GS that likes to stand and hold behind as it makes them move more and work with GA better.   You can remove the cones & introduce defenders once the concept is understood.  There is also a passing/shooting routine video "In Pairs Shooting" on Sportplan with two goalies rotating in and out of goals which you might find useful (you can include a third goalie on the other side with second ball).  A common problem for learner goalies is that we want to them to shoot as close to the post as possible which often leads to both competing with each other for a small amount of space near the goal post.

At training and pre games we sometimes practice "5 passes then shoot" with the goalies & defenders working with 2 moving outside circle feeders to work the ball around the circle with 5th pass to be received close to the post for the shot.  Encourage them to use their voices, direct passes, hold for space and continually move, lunge, roll, drop, screen, split, double play etc. Defenders on the feeders can also increase the contest and hopefully improve feeds during games.

You have asked for shooting set ups for game day but it may be more useful for you to identify what the problems are and consider what drills might help your team improve them e.g. holding space, moving onto ball, crowding, footwork in small spaces, vertical jumps, pass to side away from defender etc.

In pairs shooting

Video / Animation
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2 players 1 ball 1 post.

The player at the top of the circle starts with the ball and passes it to the other player to receive it back under the post. to take a shot .

After the shot the other player moves to the top of the circle to receive the ball and the shooter moves wide out of the circle.

The practice then starts again.

Coaching Points:

Players should move out wide quickly, performing a sharp turn on the spot with a definite change of pace before driving back into the circle to receive the ball and shoot.

Although players are working on their speed they should also focus on getting their shots in - you could get players to count their partner's points and see which pair got the most points at the end of the practice.

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