Developing shooting accuracy and power

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Shooters can arguably win or lose a game, therefore it is crucial your teams shooting is up to scratch. Your shooters should be able to shoot from a range of positions within the circle, with power and accuracy determining the success of the shot.

What?s in the Session?

The session begins with a fun warm up focusing on getting your players comfortable with shooting from a range a distances and positions whilst under pressure. To develop power and accuracy when shooting you must have the correct technique, of which is explained within the session. ?Shoot and drive? provides the perfect opportunity for your players to understand the movement necessary within the circle and work on getting closer to the post. These drills will allow your players to practice shooting from a range of distances, learning how to develop more power when positioned further from the post. The session concludes with a game of netball, with certain conditions placed upon the game to get your players demonstrating what they have learnt.

Ensure your players nail their shooting technique to allow them to build power and accuracy, in turn improving your team's shooting stats.

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