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help i have a 1 handed shooter

"help, 1 handed shooter". i need advise on what to do with my GA, i have just started coaching U13's and have found that my GA shoots 1 handed from the shoulder all the time and she is very stubborn when i try to tell her she needs to practise shooting from above her head because the defence players are tall and put there hand over the ball stopping her from shooting all the time. help! what can i do.

you have tried to correct a poor technique and she wont listen.  do you have any other players that can shoot and who will listen?  maybe play her else where until she is ready to learn.  if not, try making a game out of shooting correctly.  its not about getting the ball in the hoop that gets you a point its about the technique.  so basically EVERYONE is allowed to shoot in this game, and they only score a point if they shoot correctly.  if they shoot correctly and miss thats 1pt.  if they shoot correctly and get it in thats 2 pts.  if they shoot incorrectly no matter what the result of the attempt thats 0.  see how that goes.

unfortunatley no i dont have any other players that can shoot (except my GS), and i only have exactly 7 players with no subs so that makes things a little more difficult as i have told her before that if she doesnt at least try the new technique she will play a different position but in all honesty we cant afford not to have her there as no one else can shoot (although they are only getting between 25-50% in anyway). but i will give that shooting game a go and hopefully that will get her to try it. thanx for that. 

yeah i cant stand when i cant move someone due to poor behavior.  however you could always move her out of the shooting circle and put your WA into GA and just have her feed the ball to your GS for a game.  thats what youd have to do if your real GA was sick or injured.  something to think about (i only have 2 shooters this season too, and one lovely girls who think they are better than anyone else and dont have to train because apparently running is not something they like doing)

This year I have a completely new team and practices have consisted of stripping everyone back to bear basics again working really hard to knock out bad techniques. what I do is make it a negative but fun experience when they don't use proper techniques for a vast variety of things, these are set at the beginning of practice so they are all clear what they will be called on, when they do something that they have been asked not to they have to run to sideline and do 10 star jumps before rejoining team on court. Sometimes I can have half the team out jumping. Consistency is the key I like Leannes suggestion as well get everyone shooting properly if it is only a 25-50% ratio at the moment someone who you may least expect may surprise you. We set team goals and individual goals for all players so they know what they need to work on outside of practice and I make sure to make note and let them know that I saw them notice and correct themselves. Those AHA moments

Thanks everyone, i played the shooting game at training and i think it might be starting to sink in that im serious about her technique. I think my GA actually thought i was looking for a new shooter during that game because she was really trying to have perfect technique and trying to get every goal in lol. 

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans