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Shooting partners screening in the goal circle?

Hi, Wondering if any one can clarify the ruling for shooting partners screening in the goal circle? Our GA has screened effectively so far this season but was pulled by the umpire today when screening the GS? She hadn't contacted either defender, and was at 90cm distance, so we were left a little confused?? Is there a set distance they need to be away from their shooting partner?? She was told she was too close and a penalty pass given to the defender. Advice greatly appreciated :)

im not sure what you mean.  are you saying that your GA was defending the defence so that your shooter had a much easier attempt at goal?  i have never heard of anyone being pulled up for being too close to their own shooting partner, however, if she came in after the defence had set up, then she might get called for forced contact of the defence player.  the only distance requirements for 2 players on the same team comes when a pass is inolved (ie short pass).  

Janet though is the one i would be asking this question of.  she is awesome with the rule interpretation.

Hi Lee-anne,

Thanks so much for your reply. I was hoping you might be able to help me with this one :) Yes, she was defending the defence so GS got a better shot at goal. She was called for being too close to her shooting partner. I couldn't understand it either, so i thought I'd throw the question out there in case i was missing something! She was clearly in place before the defence, it wasn't a contact call and there was no pass involved. The Umpire told her she couldn't stand so close to her GS! It is at sub-junior level, so perhaps the Umpire wasn't used to seeing it. I introduced it to the GA because she is tall and our other two shooters on the team are good, but fairly small. Unfortunately it did knock the GAs confidence and she was unsettled afterwards.So I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or if it's just a bad call. Janet, If you have any answers to offer I'd love to hear them:) Thanks Lee-anne, I always enjoy reading your replies to questions, you offer some great advise :)


Hi Nicola.  No rule against screening to protect a shooting partner or for distances from own players except for a short pass. Sounds like umpire error to me so probably best to ignore and continue screening.  

your welcome Nicola.  Glad I can help.  I use this tactic in my own playing, and only ever get called for contact on the other player, but never for being too close to my own...WTF?  strange ruling.  if it happens again, go and speak to the umpiring conveyor so the umpire can be put straight.  Make sure your player knows she wasnt doing the wrong thing, and that she should continue helping the other shooter.  good tactic to be teaching early.  dont see it often until you get to the upper grades as most younger girls are too focussed on getting a pass and not supporting their players.

Thanks ladies, really appreciate your feedback and expertise. I've spoken to my GA and hopefully she'll go back in for the screen with confidence again :)

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