Textbook Shooting for Beginners

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This session looks at refining and developing your player's shooting technique, making sure they take those all important chances on court! Focus on their movement off the ball, finding space with a series of competitive but fun practices, as well as enhancing their shooting ability on court.

What's in the session?

With the use of challenging practices throughout, we start with a fun warm up to get your players prepared for the session ahead. Make sure everyone is focused and ready to work hard! We soon move onto working on your player's technique, working on the key areas necessary to make a perfect shot; the height, flight, flick and the finish.

Move forward to work on your player's stance with a number of passing drills, focusing on your player's shooting technique throughout, before finishing off with a fun game. Watch closely at the improvements your players have made and see the goals fly in!

Never miss a goal-scoring chance opportunity again and make sure your players take their chance!

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