Attacking Principle - Dynamic movement to maintain possession of the ball

A fundamental aspect of netball is having the ability to maintain possession to maximise your shooting opportunities. However, too often players play choose the incorrect option or play too fast and lose the ball. Therefore to accurately execute this style of play and play like the pro?s, your players passing and catching skills need to be first rate!

What?s in the Session?

The warm up is a great way to engage your players minds and bodies into the session. The first practice is sure to get them thinking about their pass and movement both prior to, and after receiving the ball. Each practice in the session is effective in creating scenarios that are completely representative of game specific situations. As the session progresses, the importance of both the feeder and attacker are highlighted and developed. Focus is first concentrated purely on getting the basics correct - too often players try to over-complicate play, of which can be detrimental to the team performance. Once the basics are mastered, the focus of the session shifts to their movement, creating and penetrating space to provide an option to the ball carrier. Complete the session with a modified game all about keeping possession!

Passing a receiving may be a simple skill, but don?t overlook the effectiveness of being able to perform them to a high standard. The ability to maintain possession and perform the basics well can be the difference between a euphoric win or a dramatic loss.

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