2 on 1 Defence of a Centre Pass

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Your players have scored a point but before they've had a chance to blink the other team has reset and is in the shooting third. Your centre and defenders need to work together to defend a centre pass, through intercepting, forcing the ball to be received up court and stopping a deep 2nd phase.

Key concepts:

  • Communication
  • Quick movements
  • Clean intercepts
  • Timing
  • Dictating the attackers wide and up

What?s in the Session?

A defensive basketball style warm up, 3 drills focused on quick, clean interceptions and making players aware of the timing of their runs- going in for the ball too soon can have the same outcome as going in late! Then a further 3 drills set in a game situation to get your centre and defenders working together, communicating to dictate the movements of the attackers.

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