GS/GA Movement to get into a shooting position

GS/GA Movement to get into a shooting position

Hi everyone, I'm a GS/GA and I shoot well but I struggle to make opportunities for myself to shoot in games. It is slightly better when I play GS if i stay in the circle, but when I play GA or come out, it has happened that I haven't shot at all. I either get blocked from going in the circle straight away or am too slow to position myself. Could anyone give me some pointers about basic movement? I have watching videos where players roll/cut - if a player is marking you face on and blocking you from entering the D, would that be how I get around them? Could you give me some advice on how to improve from here? Thank you.
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Sunonmyside Player, England
Larissa Coach, Australia

But I would also think about your movement back towards the circle. You need to use dynamic movements with a strong change of direction and drive to avoid getting yourself blocked. Try using your change of direction before you hit the circle edge to create more options and create space.

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Sunonmyside Player, England

Hi Larissa, okay great that helps a lot thank you!
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Eleanor DurrPlayer, England

Hi Sunonmyside,

It is great you shoot well and I can understand your difficulty with movement. It is important you work with your other shooter, for example, if you are GA and she is GS you need to read off each other and time your movement. So the GS can pull out of the circle and bring the GK out, this will leave the circle free for you to drive into. In regards to movement, it is important that your drives are strong and definite, do not dither about as this is easier to mark.

If you are getting stuck outside the circle, remember you can always go off court and come back on in the circle. A player cannot mark you off court, they have to let you re-enter before they can defend again.

If you are GS make sure you set up early, either holding a front position (with the defender on your back), to allow an easy ball in. Or simply track the ball through court and time your movement. You are allowed to come out of the circle to bring the GK out and then re-enter - this can often be an effective way of creating space.

However you decide to get free just ensure your movement is confident, strong and definite as this will help you take on any defender. Make sure you have a narrow footbase as this will help you change direction quicker and that you keep your head up and keep using your angles.

Hope this helps.

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