How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly?

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly?

How do I teach my team to pass and then move quickly so that the opposition's defenders cannot intercept our passes.

MC Coach, New Zealand
Netball CoachCoach

I would probably advise Spatial Awareness. If every player is responsible for their "zone" of the court and remains in their space while the ball is being brought down the court (but keeps watching play and is ready to make a lead if required!) then ideally the person who receives the ball should just be able to pivot around and see 2 or 3 options instantly available to pass to (rather than all crowding one spot towards the ball). For example - on a defensive back line throw in the C should be back in centre 1/3, WA & GA back behind their transverse lines and the GK, WD, GD are responsible for bringing the ball out of their defensive 1/3, the C keeps watching ready to make a lead if required but generally stays out of the way until the ball reaches centre 1/3, she then moves it out of that 1/3 with help of WD & GD with GA & WA watching and waiting to make leads as back up if necessary. Passes should be short & straight therefore not letting opposition get their hands to it. Using this should keep the fast flow going throughout the game with players not only always having back up options but also knowing where their back up will always be!

MC Coach, New Zealand

Thank you La. Will try this out.

Netball CoachCoach

MC, care that the girls dont rush the passes. I ask my girls for use most of the 3 seconds they have. Its up to the others girls to make strong leads and get in position (like running into space). Passes not at the girls, but the leads should be ball side and passes in front or to the side to make it harder for an interception.

Netball CoachCoach

MC, I try to get the mindset of "Give and Go". That is up until the piont of going off side. Then you become "Help" in a tight situation where a pass cannot proceed. Give the girls time to get in the rythm of "giving and going" to a space. Use your 3 seconds to start with by counting out loud. This also encourages players to break to a space. Encourage the passer by saying out loud "Give and go". Make your players responsible for their "area" of the court. This could also stop crowding. In time you can stop giving spoken directions and your players can start using their voices to advantage.

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