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Where GA,WA,WD & GD allowed when centre pass is being taken?

I am Father coaching my Daughters Netball Team & I wanted to use a different set up when Taking the Centre Pass to Start ,so I need to know where the GA,WA,WD & GD are allowed to stand when a Centre pass is being taken?DO they need to stand at the line as normal or can I change it up a bit?-Say one player up at line in the very centre of line and one player standing or running around behind in the centre of their Third?? Any help with this idea would be greatly appreciated...& thanks in advance

there are almost infinite number of places where these players can stand.  as a GD, i have at times joined the GK in the circle and just let the GA get the pass, and concentrate on getting the turn over in the circle. (double teaming). there are no set or rigid rules about the centre pass set up except for...all the players you mentioned are to be beind the transverse line and in the goal third and they must receive the pass with their grounded foot in the centre third.  so go and try some new options.  and good on you for giving this a go.  dont see too many dads out there coaching a sport they arent too familiar about (and i know what that feels like...i coached trampolining for 6 years and i had never done that sport).

Thanks Lee-anne,I wasn't sure if I would get a response on here as I am new to all this,I will be getting the Team to try a few of these & try & mix it up a bit so we can confuse the opposition hopefully!! Thanks again Mick

Hi Mick, as long as the players are behind the line at the start whistle it's all good. I work with 11 - 13yrs olds and I encourage them to experiment a bit. Good on you for having a go at coaching.

Hooray !! The Team tried it & it worked :)

The TEAM had fun trying out something new ,they gave it a name & are going to call it something new next week..We lost by 3 points but it was a pretty good effort from the girls on a very hot day...Thank you all for your input on this I do appreciate it...( I gave myself the name" Mini Bus Mick " cause I don't consider myself a true Coach as yet & this has come with a humerous response from the Parents of my Team :)....Thanks again

Love the name! You might be like a work colleague of mine who started out like you, learnt along the way, started playing mixed so he got to experience it and worked his way up to coaching A grade :)

Ask any questions you like, we are happy to help.

Thanks Allie,no doubt I will need to ask a few more questions along the way :)

Good on you Mick for learning to coach.  My 13yo daughter representative team coach is a dad.  She loves it.  Men can bring a different perspective to the game I think.  

I like the responses. I couch a high school girls team with modified patterns on receiving center pass and it throws opponents to a disarray.
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