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Effective execution of Set Play from the Centre Pass - Intermediate Session Thumbnail
Effective execution of Set Play from the Centre Pass - Intermediate

Master a number of set plays focusing on getting the ball out from a centre pass, through the second phase and into a position to shoot.

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  • The WA and GA will start in a staggered position, with one player (GA in this example) on the line and the other (WA) positioned off the line
  • Both the WA and GA will offer for the centre pass
  • GA receives the ball from the C
  • WA recognises that they did not receive first ball and drives deep down court to receive the second phase ball from the GA
  • The GS will hold their space until the WA has released the ball and the GS will receive the ball into space
  • The GS will put the ball up for a shot 

Coaching points

  • It is important that both players do not start on the line, nor both too far off the line - they should be crossing the line at different times and therefore their offers will be at staggered timings
  • There should always be at least two offers for the ball!
  • The WA (second phase ball) should try to receive the ball on the circle edge - therefore not allowing a 3ft marker to set up and making the pass into the circle easier
  • The GS should hold the side of the court the ball is coming down (in this example the left side)
  • Ensure the WA passes the ball into space, not where the shooter is but where they are going to be - this pass should be away from the defender

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