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Set up: Goal third, 1 ball, 1 passer, 2 midcourt, 1 shooter, 2-3 defence.

  • Ball starts with passer behind transverse line.
  • Both midcourt players drive from the transverse line to circle edge then back off again (creating the ‘M’).
  • Passer delivers ball to one of the midcourt players off the circle who then delivers the second ball to the other midcourt plyer on the circle edge. Option: Passer candeliver directly to shooter who may choose to come out of the circle. Shooter then is to deliver a pass to a midcourter and get into position.
  • Ball delivered to shooter, who puts the shot up.

Coaching points

  • Strong drives are needed from midcourt players.
  • The 'M' is created by both players simultaneously driving to the circle edge then off – this is
  • to promote court balance and possible options through midcourt into shooter.
  • Get the passer to change up who they pass to – shooter or midcourt.
  • Rotate players through.
  • You can use this to develop centre pass options and highlight court balance on the circle edge.

Common Errors:

  • Midcourters may find they get trapped in receiving the ball. Offer coaching tip- Meet the player, step off and drive into space.
  • Get players to rotate so they don’t get used to a certain space. 


  • Add in one midcourt and one circle defence. 
  • Midcourters are forced to use each other more and balance the court.

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