Netball Drill Demonstration



Delivering the ball midcourt through to the circle edge/shooters

Set up: 

Half court, two balls, 5+ players

1 player standing on base line, another player with the ball standing around the third line. 


Note: The video shows the drill being played out with 2 groups of players, you could just focus on one group i.e. 1 line, 1 V driver. The description is based on one group. 

Player on base line near shooting post, V drives towards court edge and receives a pass from the player in the line with the ball. 

Player who passes the ball drives directly to the circle edge in a straight line and receives a pass from the player who has driven out on the V. 

Player who had initially drove out now drives into a position under the hoop to receive a pass from their player and put a shot up. 



Coaching points


To add in some competition, have two groups compete against each other e.g. first team to 4 goals.

Add in defence (bibbed): 1 defender in the circle, 1 defender out of the circle. This creates a 4 on 2 situation. Defenders shouldn’t get any ball if the attackers are placing the ball in the right space. 

Attackers are looking to pass into space especially into the circle to the shooter. 

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