Hitting Circle Edge - Attack

It is important that your attacking players can hit circle edge to receive the ball. This helps reduce the pressure on the ball carrier, as a defender cannot 3ft mark and therefore increases the success of feeding the shooters.

The session begins with a fun warm-up focused on getting your players working to get the ball to a certain area. This will help your players think of different ways to get free and work the ball eventually to the circle edge. The session continues this theme, providing a number of drills where your players can practice offloading the ball to then hit circle edge, to work the ball into the shooters. Players also get the opportunity to work on their angles and timing of their movement. The session concludes with a normal game of netball, with certain conditions placed upon the game to get your players demonstrating what they have learned.

Players should not simply stand on the circle edge, instead use their skills to move on and off, repositioning around the circle.

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