Through Court Play, Set Plays and Backing Up

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In this extended two hour training plan we cover a host of exciting skills to improve how your team use the full court, support one another and bring the ball down court.

Concepts covered in this plan

Timing of runs - Improve how your players catch on the move, turn and pass
Backing up - Develop players' off ball movement to offer for the ball and prevent bunching
Set Plays - Speed the ball from the back line pass to the opponent's circle

This plan can easily be tailored to suit your needs. It's divided into five clear sections with 15 unique drills. You could comfortably coach it over the two hours, or even three consecutive sessions.

What's in the Session?

We start with a warm up of Anywheres (a great drill to get players on their toes). We then get develop how your players time their movement in relation to the play ahead of them with some small group passing exercises.

From here we progress the session by getting your players to offer for the ball - to ensure there's always a minimum of two offers from down the court.

Use this plan tonight to improve your team's through court play.

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