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Caretaker Role and I am so scared my team wont win the trophy

Our School netball coach resigned last night. I am an assistant coach for soccer, coach for volleyball, assistant coach for basketball and now will be a caretaker for our netball team due to play finals tomorrow. What drills and tactics can I use today at training to prepare them for a school tournament finals tomorrow?I need your prompt assistance please

Hi Simeon, 

I can understand why this is a concern to you and it sounds you have a lot on your plate already. I am unsure what age your netball team are so will provide general advice. As your finals are tomorrow I would simply focus on the basics. 

1) Passing - arguably the most fundamental skill in netball but crucial to success. 
> Four corners is a good drill to practice passing on the move, ensure your players pass in front and abide by the footwork rule. Set your players a target to get to, for example, 30 with no mistakes - this will reinforce the importance to keep the ball safe and ensure passing accuracy - if the ball is dropped or any mistakes start again from 0. 

2) Attack - ensure you always have 2 options through court and try to gain depth.  
> Working together is a good drills to ensure your players offer and re-offer for the ball, whilst also ensuring they are aware of the other player and working as a partnership. 

3) Defence - try to promote your players to keep their opposition high up court and wide towards a sideline.
> Defend the lane - to make the drill easier narrow the distance of the feeders to help the defender keep their player up court or force them into a feeder/'sideline'
> Engaging the front defender - this drill is good at getting your defence to work in a partnership - the back defender should force the attacker into the back defender, but communication is key 

4) Rebounds - ensure your players get up for the rebounds - your shooters should not simply watch their shot but follow it in case of a miss. Defence should also be ready and block the shooter out to be first to the ball. 

5) Ensure your players control the pace of the ball - ensure they are in control and after a turn over do not rush, take your time and work the ball to a shot. Your centre court should be supporting around the circle edge and WD backing up on the line, so your players should always have an option. 

Good luck, I hope this has provided some help.

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans