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Get into 4s with one ball

Mark out a coned square, approximately 3x3m

One player will be the feeder and stand at the top of the square - this player will have a 3ft marker over them (D1)

The other two players will be an attacker and a defender (D2)  inside the square

D2 will use their body (without contacting) to force the attacker high into the back of D1, whilst doing this they will call left or right to D1 so D1 can drop back the correct side

Restart the drill in the square and repeat 

Coaching points

D2 must be loud and confident in their calling - if the player is going right they should shout ‘right, right, right’

D1 must trust and listen to the calls of their defending partner - they must commit to the way they called

The idea is for D2 to engage the front defender (D1) - these two players working together is likely to result in an interception


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