Netball Drill Demonstration


Players will recieve the ball from their left to start with.

  1. The first players in line A and B start with the ball.

  2. The first player in line C drives to the centre cone to recieve the ball from first player in line B. At the same time player 1 in line D drives and recieves the ball.

  3. Both players release the ball in the centre and (1) - (2) release the ball to the player opposite them.

  4. Repeat...

Coaching points

Players need to be ready to recieve the ball at all times.

Players need to drive out to meet the ball - signally where you would like to recieve the ball.

Encourage players to land 1-2 release the ball.

Encourage players to communicate with one another throughout the whole practice - this will also help develop team cohesion.


  • Increase distance of square
  • 1 second on the ball
  • Challenge your players: 20 passes without a drop
  • Vary the pass used
  • Add defenders to the centre to increase pressure
  • Average rating
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