Establish Effective Passing

Arguably one of the most basic, yet fundamental skills within netball is passing. Too often the importance of strong, accurate passing is overlooked, however this allows your team to stay in possession of the ball.

What?s in the Session?

The session begins with a passing warm up focused around accuracy, whilst ensuring your players have the correct technique. The warm up moves on to pulse raising drill, maintaining the focus around passing accuracy in order to maintain possession. Often passing accurately can be easy from a static position, however this session moves on to develop your players ability to pass and move off, whilst ensuring you abide by the footwork rule. The session then progresses to allow your players to practice their passing under pressure in a 2 vs 2 drill, therefore making it more realistic to a game. Your players will then be able to imagine how the drill would fit better on court and implement this during a game.The session concludes with a varied game of netball, with certain conditions placed upon the game to get your players implementing what they have learnt.

Never underestimate the importance of accurate, effective passing - it can be the difference between a game that is won or lost.

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