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Set up two feeders facing each other - approximately 5m apart 

Two workers will start in the middle in a staggered position - so they are balancing the court 

Both players will drive for the ball

The feeder can choose which player to pass to 

The player who does not receive the ball must change direction and drive hard down court to recieve the ball from their partner 

The player will pass the ball off to the other feeder 

This repeats - both players will re offer for the ball 

The practice is continuous - players should work for a certain time or number of reps

Coaching points

Ensure your players drive hard for the ball when they are offering 

The player who does not receive the ball must put down their outside foot, change direction and drive hard for the ball 

Your players should always stagger their position to ensure they are balancing the court - they must be aware of each other and read off one another 

Add a defender - they can mix up who they mark, this will make it harder for the attackers to get free 
- You can slowly increase the intensity of the defender, starting at 50% to ensure success and work towards 100% as your players get more confident 

Add an additional defender so both players are marked - this will be a lot harder, so decrease reps or time  

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