Netball Drill Demonstration


  • The WA and GA will set up centrally and off the line - ensuring they are both ball side (with their defenders on the outside, as shown)
  • The player slightly in front, in this case the WA, will lead and drive out for the ball but cross over to the GA's side
  • Likewise, the GA will go the opposite way and cross over into the WA's side
  • The GA will receive the ball from the C
  • The WA recognises they haven't been used and will put their outside foot down and drive hard to receive the second phase ball on the circle edge
  • The C will clear wide, to give the WA space, but then drive hard at an angle to receive the ball at the top of the circle ready to feed in
  • The GS will hold their space until the C has received the ball and is ready to pass in - they will then drive onto the ball, receive it from the C and put up a shot 

Coaching points

  • It is important that one player leads so they can easily get past each other
  • There should always be at least two offers for the ball!
  • The C must clear wide and then drive at speed down court and ensure they cut in front of the defending C to make sure the pass gets there safely
  • Both the WA and C should try to receive the ball on the circle edge - therefore not allowing a 3ft marker to set up and making the pass into the circle easier
  • The GS should hold the side of the court the ball is coming down (in this example the left side)
  • Ensure the C passes the ball into space, not where the shooter is but where they are going to be - this pass should be away from the defender

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