Netball Drill Demonstration


  • The WA and GA will set up on the same side of the court
  • They should be in a staggered position, so one slightly in front of the other (as shown in the diagram)
  • The WA, GA and WD will all come over the line to produce an offer for the ball
  • The WA should cut their angle towards the ball and receive the pass from the C
  • The WA will then do a 'give-and-go' with the WD, who should receive the ball lateral to the WA
  • The WA penetrate down court to the circle edge to receive the ball back from the WD
  • The GS will hold their space until the WA has received the ball and is ready to pass in - they will then drive onto the ball, driving towards the edge of the circle to leave space for the GA
  • The GS can choose to take the shot (as shown in the animation)
  • The GA can receive the ball from the GS under the post 


Coaching points

  • By the WA and GA being in a staggered position it will make sure the timing that they both cross the line will be staggered, to ensure they do not cross the line and provide an offer at the same time
  • The WA should try to receive the ball on the circle edge - therefore not allowing a 3ft marker to set up and making the pass into the circle easier
  • The GS should ensure they do not drive out too early or they will be marked

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