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Maintaining shooting accuracy under pressure Session Thumbnail
Maintaining shooting accuracy under pressure

The best attackers aren?t only the best at shooting, their movement off the defenders to create space is exceptional. Develop players who can find the space and then finish under pressure every time.

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Set up:
Half court with a goal post, 1 ball, 4-8 players ( centre feeder, 2x midcourt, 2x shooter, 2-3x defence).

  • Starting from centre circle, a feeder passes the ball to one of two players.
  • The player who calls 'banana', the straight driver, receives the pass.
  • Player who does not receive the pass, 'peels' out and drives to the top of the circle.
  • The pass is released from the 'peeler' at top of the circle, to a shooter in the circle then to another shooter in their preferred position.

Coaching points

  • Midcourt players to drive out together and communicate who is the 'banana' and who is the ‘peel'.
  • Drives are strong and accurate onto the circle edge.
  • Ball to travel in a straight line from centre circle to hoop.
  • Shooters ideally receive a front ball.

Common errors:
'Peeler' doesn’t do a strong 'peel', they need to drive out and then peel to hit the edge of the circle.



  • Bring in 1 midcourt defence.
  • Bring in 1-2 circle defence.
  • Alternate between 1 -2 shooters and defence.

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