Clean Intercepting

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Interceptions are a key component of netball and it's a skill your defenders need to master cleanly and effectively so they keep hold of the ball and don't get called for contact.

What's in the Session?

Get your defenders' reactions working with dropped and random balls before reacting to an attacker's movements in a game of cat and mouse. A continuous intercepting practice ensures fast feet and gives you the opportunity to give lots of feedback in a basic situation. Then get your defenders to compete for the ball, encouraging them to keep their eyes on the ball and snatch it in cleanly.

If a defender misses an intercept they need to immediately react to a situation by tracking the attacker's movements afterwards to be ready for the next interception. This interception and recovery gets put into a game situation for the different defensive positions.

Throughout the session your defence will need to:

  • Use quick feet
  • Get their hands up early
  • Cut onto the ball to avoid contact
  • Watch the attackers and the ball
  • Time their interceptions

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