Defending Principle: Understanding the importance of communication to maximise oppositions attacking errors

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Maintaining tight defence throughout the court is crucial for success. If each player is doing their own job it puts pressure on the ball carrier and promotes a held ball or an error from the opposition. Therefore this sessions helps your plays ensure they do their own job to support the team and increase your turnovers.

What?s in the Session?

The session starts with a fun game, similar to a real game of netball, with target zones to score points. This warm-up will get your players heart rate raised, while also getting them focused on their defensive role, communication and teamwork. The session carries the theme of communication and teamwork, as we look at your players defensive roles within the circle and how to maximise their success. ?5 passes to score!? drill allows your defence to really understand their role as an individual and within the unit and gets your players working together and communicating. Your defenders get a chance to really test their partnerships in ?cover the ball?, where communication and quick feet and reactions are key. The session concludes with a game of netball with certain conditions placed upon the game. This gives your defence a real opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt throughout the session.

Teamwork and communication are crucial for success in defence, therefore work on your players speaking up and working as a unit to close down the attack!

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