Can you have arms raised while waiting for rebound?

Can you have arms raised while waiting for rebound?

Can a shooter or defender stand under the goal ring with arms raised waiting for shot to be taken if they are within 3 feet of opposition player. They are not defending the player taking the shot. eg: GA was taking shot, GD was defending the shot. GS was standing directly in front of GK with her arms raised waiting to see if shot was to be rebounded.

Liz PapworthCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

provided they are not defending or interferring with the the shooters movement to shoot then you may stand inside the 3ft with your arms raised legally.  this is rule 16.3 of the aus rules handbook.

Liz PapworthCoach, Australia

But is that not obstruction to the gk she is standing right in her face with her hands in the air. The ball hasn't even been shot so she is not actually going for rebound. This is the shooter not defence.
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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

no, provided no attempt is being made to defend the ball it is not.  i tend to get my players to turn their back on the player and do it, but as stated, there is to be no interference with the shooting action.

Liz PapworthCoach, Australia

So your saying a ga can stand right in the face of the gk with her hands in the air. If that was through the mid court it would be obstruction so why is it not in the circle?
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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

no. I'm saying that she can stand with her back to the shooter with her hands in the air PROVIDED that she doesnt interfer with the shooting action of the shooter, and making NO attempt to defend the ball.  read the rule 16.3 in the australian netball rule handbook, and see the exact wording.  also go and speak to the umpire conveynor and get them to explain it in person as they will be able to show you what is meant by that rule and when it is allowed to be used.  it is only allowed to be used in conjunction with shooting as it is in the shooting section.

Shirley Coach, Australia

I realise you are chasing a 'technical' clarification on this one, but in my opinion, you dont want your players just standing waiting for rebounds with their arms raised. Players need to swing arms through and up to get height whilst jumping for a rebound. Try it yourself, jump with your arms already up as opposed to using the momentum of swinging them through and up. I hope this is helpful

Kerrie WilsonPlayer, Australia

It is my belief that the spirit of the game and common sense is required instead of trying to understand and interpret the rules sometimes

Sarah Coach, Australia

And it can all depend on how the umpire interprets the action of the player with her hands in the air.

Ilonka ClaassenCoach, South Africa

Hi everyone, I would like to know what to do if a GA prevents the GK from defending the GS under the goal post by standing right in front of her?? the GK will not be allowed to reach over the GA to defend the GS. what do you recommend the GK do?? I am new to this and have only been a player, so any help will be appreciated!

Lagi Coach, New Zealand

You cant' be penalised for having your back to players with your arms up if your intention is to retrieve the ball...however you be penalised if you interfere with the defence if they take it clean with 2 hands, or you contact them, equally if the defence contacts you. To avoid this, jump! :)
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