Does anyone have any good drills for defending an over?

Does anyone have any good drills for defending an over?

Does anyone have any good drills for defending an over head feed into the circle?

Netball CoachCoach
Netball CoachCoach

I would suggest this is more of defender decision making- can they jump to intercept? should they be working the shooter to the backline or forcing the shooter out of or to the edge of the circle.

When the overhead feed is made well it is very difficult to intercept so you are better off asking the defence to think about how they have let the shooter into this position.

Netball CoachCoach

I have tried double marking on GS with GD & GK with GA being blocked by C or WD and picked up by nearest defender once she is in D and..

also tried keeping attacking WA, C and GA as far away from D as possible so that their pass into the circle is loopy enough for a GK to jump and intercept.

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks both.  Yes Sammi, we have tried these things.  You're right, a good overhead is difficult to intercept, just wondering if anyone had anymore ideas than me %3A-)

Paula - thanks for those ideas.  Will bear them in mind during a game.

thuso MatengeCoach, Botswana

Let all the defenders be 50%3A50 with the attakers so as the attacker goes for the ball , the defender will disturb the attacker fro reciving

Netball CoachCoach

My best tip would be to get the defender when positioned with the attacker behind them to hold their jump for a split second longer than they would normally.  When the ball comes over I find you have a better chance of getting a touch on a really good ball.

Totally agree that keeping attacking players as afar away from the D makes defending easier.

Sarah DoddCoach, England

I would also suggest practising jumping with one hand up to bring the ball down first as you can actually get more elevation than with 2! this is something which can be done using a wall and can develop into 2 players contesting a high pass of a wall! And also the gk dancing drill in the defending section on here, as if the defender is constantly moving round the shooter it should hopefully put some doubt in her mind as to which way to go and the person passing the ball may stuggle to see which space the shooter is going to and therefore hesitate resulting in a weaker pass...(hopefully)!! it is really difficult to find the right answer but just try lots of different ways and find what works best for your defender! %3A) 

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