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This drill is for a defender to practice intercepting and dictating play.

Use 4 feeders to make a space like a wide corridor for the attacker in a third. Have 2 feeders on each side of the third 6-7m apart facing each other.

The attacker will start the drill by passing to one of the first feeders, who will then pass back to the attacker. The attacker then has to pass to one of the next 2 feeders further up, on either side.

The attacker also has to receive the ball in line with or in front of the Feeder, to keep play moving forward.

Coaching points

  • Make sure if the defender misses the intercept that they get their arms up straight away to prevent the attacker passing.
  • Once the attacker has offloaded to the first feeder the defender should step across and in between the feeder and attacker to direct the attacker away.
  • If the defender is using a face on method of defending then they should angle themselves to see the ball and the attacker. They should step across the attacker, follow her whilst still facing her until 2.5s, then open out (180°) and move back with her for the intercept.
  • The defender needs to move back before making a jump, if they jump too soon then it gives the attacker time to move.
  • If the defender gets stuck behind the passing then they should overrun ahead and cut back in.

Compare face-to-face marking with side on:

  • Face marking: the Defender can see the Attacker for longer (note the Defender does not turn their back to the ball completely- they can still see both the Attacker and the player with the ball)
  • Side on (Keeping the Attacker on their back): the Defender can see the whole court and intercept passes to other players (more advanced)

When the defender makes a successful intercept ask them what it was that worked well and what could be improved on.

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