Passing, defending, getting free

Passing, defending, getting free

I'm coaching u/10's and have an excellent A team, but the B team have learners who haven't been playing netball so long. Does anyone have one or two basic activities, easy to understand (for them) which I can drill them with for passing, defending and getting free, as well as something for the shooters. They are always all over the place (we do practice channels) and really struggle to get free - they run a bit and then just stop to wait for the ball. Anything, even just some advice would be appreciated! :)

Netball CoachCoach
Netball CoachCoach

Hi there,

I am very new to this, my 2nd year coaching primary school years. In my own experience, what worked with the younger ones was to play games that they know from school and to incorporiate some sort of netball aspect. For example, stuck in the mud, piggy in the middle etc. The drill street tag is a good one too.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

do some research and teach some prelim moves i e dodge, double dodge, change of pace, change of direction. dont teach them too many as it will just confuse them, but pic the ones you think will be something they can pick up. then have a static defence, with a two on two break, then get the defender give more effort, until they are are giving everything. you can then do a conditioned game where they MUST use a prelim move to get away from the player. if they dont then the other team is given the ball.

a good game for teaching spreading out is a numbers game. each one is given a number and they must pass the ball in order of the number. you can change it up a bit and do odds then even ect...

teaching defenders shadowing techniques and teaching the players to defend every pass will also help. this can be done as a team. they all stand on the sideline, and in one step they must get to their required distance from the line they just left, turn and defend the imaginary player. feet and distance first then hands. they must hold this stance for 5 seconds.

a shadowing drill starts off with one player in front of the other, both facing the same way. in between 2 markers the back one moves from side to side in a predictable manner and the in front defender must stay close and with her, with her arms down and head turned slightly to the side and direction she is moving. once the defender is staying up with her, then have this player move more unpredictably between the cones, you can then eventually progress to an area. add a ball in during the 2 cones exercise and always pass to one side so the pass is predictable at first. and the defender intercepts the pass. once they are use to watching their player and the ball, then make the pass less predictable. then progress to an area with the ball.

after checking for correct shooting technique, put some markers around the circle slowly getting further and further away. each marker has a point system. they get 3 shots at each point. the person with the most points wins.

hope some of that helps.

Netball CoachCoach

I heard a good one recently give and go

so girls pass the ball off and then go, by running forward they take their opposition player out of the congestion and then they can lead to the spaces therefore attacking and opening up the play

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