mrn can you pliz help me with this question,

mrn can you pliz help me with this question,

Describe the appropriate trainning programmes for physical fitness improvements in netball

Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

there area number of fitness elements to make up fitness programs for netball. its up to you to decide what your squad needs to work on and input that into your program.

to start you need a light warm up. it can be as simple as sending the girls for a run around the courts a few times, or can be a fun game, that has them moving liking tiggy or tag.

they should then do some dynamic stretching going through all the major muscle groups.

the rest of the sessions will depend on what you want them to work on. if you want to concentrate on footwork, then do some footwork rotations or stations, if its just pure fitness then anything that keeps them running and moving like suicides, or one that incorporates both running and strength conditioning, or if its core strength that needs work, you can do a circuit of strength work.

me and another coach use to run a 50/50 session. i worked on anaerobic fitness and she worked on strength conditioning and at the half way mark we swapped groups.

then at the end of the session do a cool do session to cool the muscles down again.

hope that helps.

Netball CoachCoach

help me on thee ones agility,speed,power,muscular endurance,coordination and rteaction time

Graeme PulhamReferee, New Zealand

That`s a huge area to cover. What age group are you working with? There is a move to turn many of these drills into game activities (Game sense & Player Centred Coaching) so that they are more competitive and enjoyable for younger players.

Mirroring is an activity useful for reactions.

Muscular endurance can be done in sets of 5 - 15 about 4 or 5 repetitions Pushup off the ground. Or using 2kg weight ball (or appropriate to the age group) - I use 2kg for Intermediate age girls (11-13years). Do drills with them rather than just static passing.

Endurance/fitness can be done using a Japanese method all within 4 minutes. Jog then sprint for 20 seconds then jog. Repeating this for 4 minutes. The sprint can be followed by a 10 second recovery period - then jog and 20 second sprint again.

Explosive power can be done using micro hurdles (double jump or single leg jump). Micro hurdle need only be 30cm to 50cm high.

Agility ladders are useful for footwork - there are youtube videos how to use them. You can also use agility ladders for "hand walking" in press-up position.

Jump and turn activity can be done against a hard wall or in two or more lines. On the wall the players throws ball against a wall then drives forwards jumping and turning while catching the ball in mid air. Next progression - This is done in two lines facing each other - a player drives forward and catches pass from opposite line, jumps and catches ball in mid- air then passes back to own line while returning to the end of their own line. Drill continues with ball going from one side to the other.

Good luck.

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